Monday, August 10, 2009

Nakedness and the Christian child

WARNING: I am sure this entire post is going into the "way too much information" category and if I had one of those popular blogs that got about 100 hits a day I may not even tell this story but it was so extremely funny I just could not resist sharing. I doubt that I have any men readers but just in case, this may be one you would rather skip. Ok-maybe a lot of you women would rather skip this one as well but I don't want to forget it and so I am documenting it more for myself and Keslee-ya know, to put in her "to embarrass you when your older" file.

So here is the story. It all started on Saturday evening when I decided to do some mowing. I got the grass cut and came inside hot, sweaty, itchy, and with a heat headache. I took a cool shower and got all cleaned up and decided to lay down-in my own room-with the door shut-under the ceiling fan to cool off for a while. I am laying there-in all my glory- and turned the tv on to find that the picture tube had gone out or something and all I had was a white line across the screen. About that time, Keslee, my little mama who has never had any problem understanding the whys of modesty and will try to distract her brother in the grocery store if she sees a girl with too short shorts on so he will not be exposed to such a thing, walked into my room and-seeing all my glory-said(in her best motherly scolding voice...and she has got that voice down good yall...I mean her kids will never have to wonder if she is serious or not)"Mother! What do you think your doing?!" I said "I am just cooling off, just shut the door." She then asked what was wrong with the tv and I said I wasn't sure, I would have daddy check it to see if he could fix it or if it was just done for and broken for good. With that she left my room, closing the door behind her. She then proceeded to go tell daddy that the tv in our room wasn't working and he needed to go fix it and (same scolding motherly voice)"DON'T LOOK AT MAMA WHEN YOU GO IN THERE BECAUSE SHE IS naked!" Well hearing that, like any man in the same situation, he hopped up and headed straight to our room shutting (and locking) the door behind him and started trying to figure out what was wrong with that tv. After just a few minutes, it was apparent that nothing he did was getting any part of a picture back on the screen so he gave up on the tv. Realizing that mom AND dad are now in the room, Keslee begins knocking on the door and a barrage of questions follows; "MAMA!? Did you put your clothes on yet?!" .knock .knock .knock.. " Daddy, what are you doing in there." knock.knock.knock.. " Daddy I NEED you to come out here!"knock.knock.knock..." Daddy, did mama get dressed yet?" knock.knock.knock... " Mama, what are you doing? Did Daddy fix the tv? Are you done daddy? Mama is daddy finished with the tv? Daddy will you come play with me? Mama, are you done with daddy?" We assured her several times that every thing was just fine and she could continue to play with the Dora doll house with Kalysa, mom and dad could have some private time and talk and she did not need to keep checking on us. After several minutes, she finally rejoined her sister to play.

So this would have been funny enough but you know I could not leave well enough alone so there is more to the story.

The next day I kept thinking about my sweet daughter and her concern for her daddy seeing her mama with no clothes on. I know several people that were raised in a christian home and their whole life they were told that seeing someone of the opposite sex with little or no clothes on was "dirty" and then when they get married they are told it is now "good" and this has caused some confusion and some problems in the intimacy department. I don't want that same fate for my children so I decided I better talk to Keslee about the events of the day before. After church and lunch I got Keslee alone and told her I needed to talk to her about yesterday. The conversation went something like this....
Me: You know that it is not good to show off our bodies and that is why we don't wear real short skirts or shorts or shirts that show our bellies, right?
Kes: Right.
Me: God made women with pretty, curvy bodies and God made men to like looking at pretty women. It is not right for men to see every woman's body and it is not right for a woman to show every man her body but God had a special idea for married people. If a girl does what she should and does not show off her body to men even if she sometimes wants to and a man does what he should and does not look at women's bodies even though he sometimes wants to, when they get married they can see each other's bodies and it will be very special because nobody else ever gets to see that. Only the husband gets to see his wife and she can show off her body only for her husband. God made Adam in the garden and then he made Eve to be his wife and the Bible says that they were naked and they were not embarrassed.
Kes: Why not?
Me: because they were married. They were husband and wife. All husbands and wives need to be able to have some private time. They need to spend time alone and that helps them to have a good and happy marriage. Sometimes Daddy and I need to have some private time and you don't have to worry about what we are doing.
Kes: So you are gonna be NAKED every time you have PRIVATE time!?!?
Me: No! Not every time. Daddy and I need private time to talk about grown up things and just spend time together but if I ever am naked, you don't have to worry about daddy seeing me because he is my husband. We are married. God made marriage very special. Do you understand?
Kes: Yes but mama...
Me: what ...
Kes: I think YOU are just a little TOO EXCITED TO SEE DADDY NAKED!!!

and with that she was finished with our talk. Now, I know that I will mess my kids up in one way or another, actually it will probably be a lot more than ONE way, every parent does and I just pray that God will help repair any damage I may inadvertently and unintentionally do. I just wish I could tell when it was happening. I just don't know if I helped her at all this time or totally traumatized her for life. This parenting thing is tuff. I guess we will find out in about 15 years or so when she gets married.


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

HA HA HA HA HA! OH I love it~ROFLOL! ~and I so understand~ Not TMI in my book~like you I want my children to understand about what's a natural part of life so they won't have crazy hang-ups when they're married. Still~LOL! I think our such story involved a sword hittin' the door with boy yellin', "If you don't let me in right now, I'm gonna BUST THIS DOOR DOWN!" LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

char said...

That is funny. I know if Keslee would have had a sword she would have been happy to bust the door down. Lucky for us, our son is very modest and does not want to know things that he DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW. He would NEVER try coming in when a door is closed!

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