Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Tale of Two Shoes

It was a warm spring afternoon when the kids and I decided we would hit the shoe store. Kenyon was growing out of shoes about every 6 months and was in desperate need of a new pair. Keslee needed a bigger pair of shoes for church. Kalysa was now in a brace full time and had the one pair of shoes that fit over her splint.
She was happy to wear it but every once in a while she just wanted to wear some girly church shoes without the splint. As we were heading out the door I put Kalysa's splint in my purse to just see if we could find a pair of girly shoes that would fit over it. At the shoe store, each child ran to their sizes and started trying on shoes with a frenzy. We were able to find Kenyon 2 pair of tennis shoes and a new pair of dress shoes in a size that fit. Even better, they were all on sale! Next, Keslee had already found several pair that she just loved. I helped her try them on, checked prices and decided on a pair of strappy sandals and a nice pair of church shoes with a small high heel. She was feeling very grown up and happy. Now to tackle Kalysa. She had picked out several pairs that she knew she just had to have. As I pull the splint out of my purse Kalysa just knows that her dreams of pretty shoes had been dashed. I pick up the first pair of little brown baby doll shoes and slipped the splint in. IT FITS PERFECT. We both get a little excited. I have her try on both shoes and they fit perfectly! WE DID IT! WE FOUND CUTE SHOES THAT FIT OVER THE SPLINT. Even better, they were on sale for $10. We quickly gathered our finds and headed to the check out stand. As the girl checked each box of shoes, the kids giggled and try to decide which of their new shoes they would wear first. As the girl checked the box with Kalysa's shoes she found a problem. "Mam, one of these shoes is size 12 and one is 13." Oh no! That was the only pair I saw in that style. As she went to check in the back room to correct the pair, I told Kalysa she may just have to wear 2 socks on the non-splint foot to make up for the difference. The girl returned with the same shoes she left with. "There must have been a manufacturing error-these shoes do not even come in a size 13." I explained that I would be more than happy to buy the mixed matched pair because they were exactly what we needed. "Well, since I can't put them back on the shelf like that, I guess I can let you have them but I will have to ring them up at 1/2 price." On the outside I said "that would be just fine!" while on the inside I was yelling "WOOHOO! You are gonna let me have Just what we want that is EXACTLY what we need and you are gonna make me pay 1/2 of what I expected!!! WHO COULD TOP THAT!!" With that, we payed $5 for the perfect pair of shoes for my littlest splint wearing girl and she no longer had to wear her big bulking tennis shoes with a pretty dress.

Now THAT is just the way that my God works!
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