Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sew happy I got it all done!

Kenyon has gone to church camp for the last several years. This year, Keslee and her friend Gabby were finally old enough. They were sooooo excited. At our church camp, the kids are all expected to dress modestly, which is really no different for my kids than how they dress everyday anyway. Gabby wears skirts or dresses all the time but has never really liked culottes. Church camp involves LOTS of play time and in order to not show the parts that should stay covered, culottes are a lot easier for the girls during play time. Mamie, Gabby's mom, bought some material that Gabby liked and I was able to make Gabby and Keslee matching outfits for the whole week. They LOVED them!
This material is some I had gotten for Keslee and Kalysa. They have the pink panther all over them. I had enough left for 1/2 a pair for Gabby so I used some pink for the other side.
Now all three girls can match.
These are some pink John Deere. There was enough to make 1/2 for Kalysa so I will add one side of plain pink and she will have a pair also.
Keslee and Gabby also had a striped pair and Kalysa got 1/2 stripe 1/2 pink.
I think their favorite is the High School Musical! Kalysa will also get a pair with one 1/2 blue. Keslee and Gabby made sure they had each of their new outfits packed in order so they could wear the same ones each day of camp.
I also was able to make Kenyon new pants for each day of camp. They will be a lot cooler than blue jeans. He has one pair of red checks and one pair of green checks.
There was enough left to make Keslee and Kalysa each a pair of 1/2 red and 1/2 green.

These are Kenyon's favorite (and mine too!) I got all the rest of the material they had and there was only enough to make 3 of the 4 pieces needed. I had to use just black on one leg and I think they turned out so cool. You can't really tell but the design is basketballs, footballs and soccer balls with flames.

I found one piece of this Dallas Cowboy material in the scrap bin and it was just enough to make Kenyon a pair of sleeping shorts. Now you know-these are Monty's favorite.
Kenyon also got a pair with red and white stripes. He calls these his circus pants because they remind him of a circus tent.
There was just enough left to make Kalysa a matching pair.

One of my favorites is this brown plaid. It just looks so preppy and I was so glad that I had enough to make all 3 kids a pair.
When I said I was busy last week, this is why! I got all of this done last week in time for the kids to go to camp. Each of their suitcases were packed full of new clothes and now everyone should be set for clothes through the summer. I have had so much fun having my sewing machine and being able to make my kid's clothes. I have one more sewing project I am sooo proud of but I will do a separate post for it in the next day or so.

Its whats for dinner

The faucet that I use to turn my sprinkler on is on the outside of the fence so I don't actually check my garden every day even though I water it. Just a few days ago I noticed a couple of the squash blooms were turning from bloom to real life vegetables. I thought I better check it out and man am I glad I did!

Aren't they the most perfect and beautifulest things you ever saw in your whole entire life!!??!! I know-me too!

The clear ruler doesn't do so great for pictures but that baby is between the 8 and 9 inch mark. I still can not believe I did it. I actually have grown something all-by-my-self! Not only did I grow it but....WE ATE IT(one of them anyway) and it was gooooood! ☺
That is just so cool!
Monty always claimed that he hated squash but a few years ago I got him to try it my way and guess what...-I slice it up really thin and steam it until it is really soft and then melt some butter on it-He loved it! Sometimes I will slice some potatoes really thin (skin and all) and steam them with the squash. That is one of our family's faves! After he realized that he DID like squash I got him to try some fried squash and he likes that as well. Now I am just waiting on the fresh okra to grow. Not sure what I am gonna have to do to get him to try that but I am convinced that anyone that doesn't like okra obviously has not tried it. He swears he has but I have never seen him. If not, that will just leave more for me and the kids!
Yall have a good day and if anyone needs me, I will be staring at my beautiful squash for a while!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This week has been so busy and the weekend is gonna be even more jam packed. Haven't had much time to sit and write about any of it yet but once it is over I am sure I will have great things (and photos) to share. Hope you all have had a great week so far and I will fill you in with all the details next week. Just have to say...GOD IS GOOD...ALL THE TIME!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Look what I found......

blooms on my squash plants!!

Some of them are getting big. And that is not all either.....
Isn't that little green tomato a beauty?!?!? But still not as pretty as....

This BIG green tomato!!! I am so excited! I did it. I have actually grown something! I can't wait until they start to turn red. I am so ready to PICK something. This is so cool!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I found this guy on the side of the road this morning while I was doing my paper route. This is the after math of our floods. A poor homeless river turtle washed to land. I have seen several turtles on the roads in the last few days but this guy is the largest. Luckily he was only about 10 feet from the bridge that flows over a little creek. I am sure it will not take him to long to find his way home. Of course he could be miles from his original home, but he will find a home none the less. It just makes me think of how so many times life has a way of picking us up from where we are comfortable and happy at a time we were not planning on moving and then dropping us off in a new place that we had never intended to go. Lucky for us, the Lord knows the plan. He knows where we should be and when. He knows that sometimes it takes a storm to get us there. We just have to trust Him, toughen up our shell and seek His guidance on where to go from there.
WOW! We could learn a lot from a turtle.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Completing Him Challenge

Now if you know me at all, you know that meek, mild, submissive and many other Biblical adjectives used to describe a good wife do not come naturally to me. I am normally much more brass, loud and controlling. When I saw that Courtney, at Women living well, had issued a marriage challenge for the summer, realizing that I need all the help I can get, I knew I better participate.

The first assignment in the challenge is to share our dating story and vow to do something that will captivate your husband the way he was captivated when the love was new. You can read and join the full challenge by clicking on the "completing him challenge" button. Also, please feel free to join in on the challenge whether you blog or not. If you don't have a blog, leave me a comment about what you will be doing to captivate your husband.


I have shared some of our dating story here but I will go over it again.
Monty and I met while working at Taco Bell. I was a shift manager and he started working there as a second job. Sparks flew with Monty and I from that very first day. Monty says that he fell in love as soon as I walked through the door. I obviously felt something as well because I popped off with one of my famous smart aleck comments. That kinda got the ball rolling and the little games began. It was just within a few days that he was always teasing me and tickling me whenever he was around. He would come by every night that I was working on his way to his other job (he was the overnight manager at a 24 hour McDonald's). He told all of our fellow employees that we were getting married. They all just laughed but he assured them that they would see. I had been in an abusive relationship for several months and was trying to get out of it. One night, after an especially explosive night at home, I walked to a payphone and called Monty. I still don't know what made me call him. We had never talked outside of Taco Bell. Maybe it was because it was the middle of the night and I knew he would be working all night. Whatever the reason, we talked on the phone while he worked all night. We had only known each other and been sharing over night phone calls for a few days (or maybe a few weeks. I'm not really sure but I know it went really fast) before he asked me out on a real date. Our first date was on October 8, 1994. He picked me up in the early afternoon and took me to an arcade. We played lots of games there and he won me a little stuffed monkey, which he immediately started referring to as our first son. After the arcade we went bowling where he had no mercy and really kicked my butt. He was on a league at the time and was pretty good whereas I had not bowled in years. We then had dinner and saw a movie. It was really a whole day together instead of just a date. Even after spending the entire day together, we just did not want it to end so we sat talking in the car until the sun was about to come up. Monty says that he knew I was the one because we spent the entire day together but he was to scared to even hold my hand (something that was surprising since neither of us had been practicing Godly, pure relationships). After that first date it was clear to both of us that we were meant to be together. It took him a whole 6 days before he asked me to be his girlfriend. I tried to discourage him because I was moving 2 hours away in just another week. I knew that moving was the only way I would be able to get away from the abusive ex. Plus he had caused me so many financial problems, I needed to move back in with mom to regroup and get things back under control. Monty convinced me that we would make it work. On October 14, 1994 we officially became an item. A week later I moved and our long distance relationship began. Neither of us had cell phones and long distance calls were still expensive so we had to use the old fashioned post office to keep in contact.

We wrote letters and sent cards almost on a daily basis. I kept/keep all his letters in this notebook. Although I am normally very camera happy, for some reason the picture on the notebook is the only one I have of us when we were dating.

I do however have several of these hand drawn balloony, bubbly, hearty love pictures.

When I was living with my mom is the only time in my life I have gotten cards for EVERY holiday. He wrote me poems and letters and we each really poured our hearts out to each other on paper. I lived with my mom for about 10 months before I was financially ready to move back to Oklahoma city. When I got back into my own apartment, we began our life together. A few months after I got my apartment, his lease was up and we decided to live together. If I only knew then what I know now, I would not have encouraged this step. We did all the things that couples do.

We have lots of keepsakes from our times together stored in this little box.

It holds things like movie tickets, bowling score cards, tapes that we had made for each other while we were apart, balloons, the first present(a Taz watch) he gave me, Happy New Year hats and even the receipt from our blood test and marriage license. We spent the next 2 years living like we were married. When we found out we were going to be parents, we knew it was way past time to make it official. Because there was some tension from both of our families concerning the whole inter-racial thing, we decided to just go to the court house and get married without telling anyone. We decided to do that on October 14, 1997-three years to the day that he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was so exciting to decide the date and time, make the plans, get everything prepared , and make the trip to downtown Okc with nobody knowing. When it was official, we stopped in at Taco Bell to show everyone that we really did get married. Just like he had told them we would 3 years before. They gave us free food for lunch and then some of the girls threw rice at us when we left. We then stopped by his mom's job to show her our new license. We spent the rest of the afternoon calling everyone we knew to tell them the news.

Now, part of the challenge calls for me to do something that reminds my husband of the "wife of his youth." I have talked to Monty some in the last few days to get some of his ideas. He is now VERY suspicious as to what I may be up to~hehehe! I have decided to try to bring back an appearance, and attitude and and action.
The first thing I am going to do is bring back the braid. A few years before we met I had gotten my hair cut from very long to about shoulder length. Before I cut it, I braided one little section right behind my ear to keep long. I even bleached the braid blond for a while. When I met Monty, my hair was long again but I still had the braid and he loved it. He still mentions it so I will bring it back, at least for a while.
As for the attitude, I need to bring back my confidence. Monty gets very upset with me when I put myself down and always tells me I never used to do that. In my defense-I wasn't quite as over weight then , and had not yet had the chance to be a horrible mother or wife yet. I know he hates it when I feel that way and especially when I voice it and to be honest, it doesn't make me feel any better either. I am gonna work on that.
Now the action I am going to take is bringing back the game nights. Monty and I ALWAYS used to play games. Before we had kids, our kitchen table always had a running game of scrabble or trivial pursuit on it. We do still play games with the kids but I know my husband really misses the very competitive and very serious battles of wits and knowledge that we always shared. I have to make time for just the 2 of us to play together.
Well there is our story and my plans to captivate my husband again....what are you gonna do???

The River Runs Through it...

Through our town that is. Oklahoma got lots of rain yesterday. Lots meaning more than 10 inches in just a few hours. The kids and I spent yesterday in front of the tv watching firefighters in boats rescue stranded motorist after stranded motorist from the rising water. Several of the poor people actually had to swim from their submerged car and hang in a nearby tree until help arrived. Monty spent about a hour on the highway trying to get to work. He only got what would normally be about 15 minutes away before he had to turn back and come home for the day. The highway was closed. We knew then that we would be flooded in the next day or two. When all the water drains off in Oklahoma city and the surrounding area, it drains into the cottonwood creek. The creek that just happens to go straight through our town. About 8 pm yesterday, our sirens were sounding and the creek was rising.

Our local police officers keep a close watch on the creek and were ready and waiting to keep all our local residents safe.

The signs started popping up all over.

The news stations all came out to get the story.

And the river banks broke free. You can see the large bridge in the background. Under it is where the cottonwood normally flows. This bridge also divides the east side of town from the west side. Over here, on the west side, we have 1 gas station that is not affected by the water and the hospital. The east side has the grocery stores, wal-mart, all the restaurants, and the entrances to the highway to go to Oklahoma city. So basically, we are stuck at home!

I went to this gas station yesterday to fill up before the water came out. They were busy emptying the lower shelves in the store and the freezer. They will spend the next few days with a squeegee and mops getting rip of the Oklahoma red mud.

The news camera men will do whatever is needed to get their shot.

Including wading in red, muddy, knee-high water.

I lived here until I was 7 but my grandma Brock always lived here so we were here often. Monty and I have lived here for 12 years. I only remember one time when I was young that I actually saw the floods come out. My kids have now got to see the flood waters every summer for the past 3 years. They have been out for over 12 hours now. As soon as they recede, I have to go pick up the newpapers I was unable to get to last night and go throw my route. Guess we better load up now and go check it out.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He is moving in!

You may remember my dad's best friend, Cash. He has been dad's best friend and companion for the past couple of years. Dad is a truck driver and Cash has spent his life on the road with him. When dad first got Cash, he was going through a divorce. Since he had renters living in his house, they stayed with us on their weekends home. Our house is the only home Cash has ever known besides the truck. Now that dad is back in his own house, Cash still stays with us when they are not on the road. He will not stay in dad's yard. My grandma lives with my dad and she does not like letting a dog in the house or on her furniture. Since Cash has never been told that he is a dog, keeping him off the couch or out of the bed is near impossible.
About 2 weeks ago, when dad and Cash showed up, they brought in more luggage than normal. Cash just watched dad as he unloaded his bed(complete with his coat because Cash likes to curl up under it.)
Next came his own little food and water bowls.
Even his bag of food and treats came in this time (since we have dogs as well dad normally did not bring his food home every time.)
You could tell that poor Cash just did not understand what was going on. These were things that never left the truck...he always had everything he needed here. I am sure he also did not understand why dad gave him more hugs and had tears in his eyes when he left. Cash knows dad always comes back in a day or 2 to pick him up-why all the drama???
Unfortunately one of the other drivers has a Rottweiler that rode with him. He left his truck (with his dog still in it) for the mechanics to repair something. When the mechanic opened the door the dog attacked resulting in 37 stitches in the mechanics face. Luckily the man is expected to be ok but now none of the drivers are allowed to take their dogs. Dad was heartbroken and is missing Cash more now than he ever expected.
Dad wanted to make the transition as easy as possible for his little buddy so he brought all of his favorite things, including this stuffed referee doll.

As you can tell, Cash really loved that referee!
I know he misses dad just as much as dad misses him. He watches at the front door. If he hears a car pull up, he runs just knowing it is dad coming to get him. He has started running out every time the door is open to get into the car with us. He just wants to go. We take him when we can but I know it is not the same for him. Dad has not lost hope. All the guys in the office know and love Cash and dad uses every opportunity he has to try to get them to ok him bringing Cash back to work. Until then, he will be staying with us.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hunker down for the storm

We live in central Oklahoma. The only place I have lived other than central Oklahoma is the panhandle of Texas. Both are in tornado alley. About the only difference is that in the panhandle of Texas, there is no worry of being hit by a tree since there are none and you can see the storm coming for miiiiillllleees because it is completely flat(of course with no trees to block your sight). So ya see, I have dealt with tornado season my entire life. So many people that have never lived in an area frequented by tornadoes are so afraid of them and say they would never like to live here BECAUSE of tornadoes. First I would like to say that, Yes, I have a fear of tornadoes but I would much rather deal with tornadoes than I would earthquakes or hurricanes. With the meteorology today, we normally know hours before the storm if tornadoes are likely. When they are near, we know almost to the minute when it will be in our neighborhood and they only last a few minutes. During a recent outbreak of severe weather, I decided to catch some photos.

Most of the storm is spent outside if the rain is not too bad. Especially when the warning sirens go off. That is a sure sign that every single person on the block is outside watching. Kenyon is always ready to be right by my side to watch the storm come in. I personally love storms. I love to see the power of God at work and would love to someday ride with a storm chaser. You can watch how fast the storm is moving, see if it is really coming in your direction or will be a few miles away, and of course you can see if there are any funnels forming that will dip down forming a tornado. My husband and my youngest daughter are on the complete opposite of that scale.
Kalysa would much rather spend every scary moment in her safe place(the hall closet) with her bike helmet on and her special blankie in place. Keslee was sure to remind her baby sister, "remember what preacher said God promised in Joshua 1:5 I am with thee. I will not fail thee or forsake thee." and Kenyon reminded them both Psalms 23 says not to be scared even when you are in the valley of death. Monty was at work this night but he gets updates on the cell phone, they had the tv weather on and he was calling to check in on us every few minutes. Alot of time is spent on the phone making sure everyone in the area is watching the storm or having everyone else calling to make sure we are.

Keslee wants to be outside with Kenyon and I watching but she still kinda wants to be in the closet with Kalysa. She goes from checking outside for a few minutes at a time then just watching from a window then going to the safe place. Here she is watching Mike Morgan describe the storm in our area but also in a place that she felt a little safer. Don't really know how well those laundry baskets would hold up but they made her feel better.
Now when the wind starts whipping so hard you can hear it and the sky gets dark all of a sudden and the rain is driving so hard that it stings your arms....

it is time for everyone to get in the safe place. We normally never have to stay there for more than about 10 minutes total before it is all over. Luckily we have never been in an area that was actually hit. We have all gotten to witness plenty of damage after a storm that has hit within miles of us. Now those are some amazing stories. Allthough I pray we never are quite that close, I do love our stormy season.
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