Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus

There is one house in our town that really lets their little light shine during Christmas! The entire second floor proclaims the reason for the season. It is way more beautiful than any cell phone camera could ever show. The lights are covering the entire house-front, back, sides, top to bottom-along with the garage, porch and the trees in the yard. At the first sign of Christmas light season the kids start begging to drive by the Happy Birthday Jesus house.

As we stopped out front to enjoy the view tonight (as well as snap a picture) Kenyon says " I remember when mom use to bring us by this house when we were little." to which Keslee adds (in her most contemplative voice) "me too...awwww, good times good times."
Happy Birthday Jesus!!! Thank you for choosing to leave your place on high to suffer and die for me! Thank you Jesus!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just one little peek!

I have a very good friend that is getting married in January. Well of course the groom is NOT allowed to see the dress before the wedding so it is being stored safe and sound in a pretty little bag hanging in my laundry room until the big day.

Ok, so we just couldn't resist for just a minute but NOW it is safe and sound back in it's pretty little bag! I promise!
Luckily I know said groom does not have internet access right now and if he did I know there would be more important things for him to look at besides my blog. Yall don't tell now-ok!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

As if that wasn't enough...

Now as I told you, riding in the parade last weekend was a dream come true for Kenyon so you can image how elated he was when Grandma brought this over.
" I made it in the newspaper?!? SERIOUSLY, I MADE IT IN THE NEWSPAPER?!? Wow, I'm famous."
Now when Monty asked him for an autograph he said "No. First of all I can not write in cursive that good and besides, I am one of those snooty kinda famous people!"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dreams comin true!

Every year the Shriners throw a big Christmas party for all the shriner patients in our area. Last year we just blew it off and did not even mention it to Kalysa. Well it just so happened that the local news was in attendance and Kalysa happened to see the story about it. When she saw all the decorations and clowns and children holding presents and looking so happy on that tv screen she really felt like she had missed out on something big. This year Keslee got the mail the day Kalysa received the invitation and so Kalysa heard about it before I did. In other words, we just had to go.

They really DID do it up big for those kids! Every kid got a stocking stuffed full, a present and a hat when they walked in the door. Of course Kalysa (being the daddy's girl that she is) had to pick out an OU hat on the day they were preparing to beat Nebraska and win the Championship☺.

That big present wrapped up like a big piece of candy was a blanket. Every kid there got a new fleece blanket and the fact that Kalysa's was totally pink and purple made it even more perfect.

They served cookies and drinks and Kalysa found these awesome light up sunglasses in her stocking.

While people were still arriving, the shriner band played Christmas music. Of course santa was there to talk with the kids and take pictures and the shrine clowns were making balloon animals. We got to see a few of the drivers that have taken us to Shreveport and back and Kalysa got a few hugs.

They entire place was decorated really beautifully. They had a couple of Christmas trees, balloons tied to every chair, huge blow up snowmen and reindeer and lots of lights.

The highlight of the day was when they passed out presents. I would guess there were a few hundred kids there and every single child had a present with their name on it. Kalysa sat listening and watching presents being pulled out from under the trees as she patiently waited to hear her name.

When her turn finally arrived she was not disappointed with this new doll. It is a Barbie type doll with a sled and a powder that we can mix with water to make snow. All in all the day was everything she was expecting it to be after seeing last years news story.
As soon as Kalysa and I were done at the Christmas party, we had to hustle back to town to see our local Christmas parade.
It is not a very long parade, luckily, because it was soooo cold, but the girls had a blast. The fact that the streets were not real crowded meant that they came home with pockets loaded with candy. Keslee also caught a big stuffed unicorn that one float threw. And where was my only son while his sister's were enjoying the parade???

Why he was sittin atop a hay bale, smiling from ear to ear, amidst his fellow boy scouts! Maybe you heard me mention that it was freezing...temps were in the high 30's along with 20-30 mile an hour wind gust blowing that Arctic air that just rips right through ya...but my boy wanted everyone to be able to see his uniform so he took his coat off part way through. When we picked him up at the end, I was all prepared to really yell at him for that (that is AFTER I had already yelled at his daddy thinkin he had taken my baby boy out in the freezing wind to ride in a parade without a coat just to be reassured that it was on him when Monty left him at the float) but when I saw that smile on his face, I just couldn't. Especially when he shared "Well that was a dream come true, I always wanted to be in a parade!" Well what was I suppose to do then?? just enjoy it, that's what!

Every school has to have a mascot, Right?

Unfortunately our mascot, Soffie, is a little more active in the everyday studies.

Every.Single.time that we sit down for school work, Soffie is not far behind. She plants herself right on top of whatever book I may be reading from. When I move her over to read from the portion of the book that she is hiding, she will mosey on over to any of the kids that happen to have an open book or notebook. It is not just school work that she is interested in. Oh no! She will climb up between my face and anything I may be trying to read no matter where in the house I may be reading it. I know one thing, we probably have the most well educated cat in these parts!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

That's my boy!

On Wednesday nights we have our prayer meeting at church. After the sermon, the mood gets more relaxed as we all share prayer requests, answered prayers and blessings. It was during this more relaxed period that Kenyon sat back and put his feet up on the back of the pew near the song book holders. Now what I am about to share could be divided into at least 2 more blog posts. I could write a long post about how right my son is and then I could turn right around and write another post about just how wrong he was but I have decided to just leave it in the funny category so don't nobody start yellin at me. Just contemplate the rightness and the wrongness yourself and then you can leave me a happy little comment. Just so no one is confused thinking that our conversation just ended with the little laugh. Ok, to get back on track-Kenyon puts his feet on the pew and I say....

"Get your feet off of God's pew!"
to which he responds...
"Mom, He won't mind. He is my best friend!" insert cute mischievous little Kenyon grin that he has been flashing since before he could walk
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