Sunday, August 15, 2010

I think we made it!

I know, I know! I have been missing from the blog world for a while but the good news is that I think we have finally made it! We have made it through the summer and it is time for school to start and life to get back to normal. I have wondered what could be busier for a homeschool mom than the school season. Well now I is summer! I feel like we have run and run all summer long. Problem is I don't know that we ever really got anywhere or accomplished much besides just busyness. For the last few weeks, I have been sooooo excited about the upcoming start of school. I am excited about all the learning we will be doing of course but also for the simple fact that crazy summer life will slow down and a more structured and scheduled life will take it's place. I AM READY! As a matter of fact....

we are starting in the morning!!
Isn't this the coolest thing?!!? My aunt went back to college and gave me this 4ft. by 4ft. chalkboard that she used while she homeschooled her girls. I got it up on the wall and am so excited to have it this year instead of just the 1ft by 2ft dry erase board I have used.
I know "Taylor Christian Academy" is a rather generic school name but it is all I have come up with so far. I figure I don't have to solidify a name until I start making transcripts for high school so I am up for suggestions!! I want something different and unique but also representative of the Biblical teaching that goes on in our school . What do you call your homeschool?
I actually had not had a start date set but Tuesday, when we finally got the chalkboard on the wall, I wrote this little note to see what the kids would say about less than one week left of their summer break. The girls were so excited that they wanted to start then! (actually the girls have both done several lessons in their math. A few weeks ago, when they saw me watching the Math-U-See videos in preparation, they just couldn't wait any longer.☺) I did not hear anything in favor of or protesting the 1st day of school from Kenyon so I wasn't sure if he noticed the message. That is until the next morning when I found this note....

"Important-Do Not make it hard!!!!! Kenyon:)" That little note told me that he was ready but just not ready to let me know he was ready, know-what-I-mean?! That's my boy! Never admit you may be a little excited about something like school, especially since your mama is excited!
One thing we did to prepare for the new year was to add a splash of color to the playroom/schoolroom.

Ok, so it is really more like a full on tidal wave of color than it is a splash! When the color swatch says "bright green" it means "BRIGHT green"!
All three kids helped with the painting and it certainly brightened the place up! I totally love it!

Especially after we got our maps hung

and our bookcase loaded with new school supplies. So, are you ready for school?? Have you started??
Now that we are trying to get back to about as normal a life as any homeschool family can have, I hope to get back to a more regular blog schedule as well. Hopefully I will be able to share about all the learning we have been doing before long!!
Have a Great week!!

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