Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Surgery was needed

Nothing to be alarmed about, it was Keslee's baby that had to have surgery.
 Although her name changes often (currently it is Kate), this baby is very special. Not only has Keslee had her since before she was a year old, but she is also the doll that is very close to the size Kalysa was at birth. This baby's head is the same size around as Kalysa's was and they were about the same length. Actually the doll is a little longer at 14 inches than Kalysa was at just 13 inches long. As with any 9 year old doll that has been thoroughly loved, injuries occur. This baby girl's gash went around 3/4 of her neck.
After extensive surgery with LOTS of permanent stitches....
         She was as good as new!!!

And her mama was so glad to have her back and healthy that she does not even mind the scar.

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