Friday, September 23, 2011

Not in my plan!

This is NOT how I had planned on spending my fall and winter but apparently God had other plans.
Monday evening I stepped off my porch and ,somehow, completely missed the  bottom step. I hit the sidewalk just right and broke my left leg and skinned up my right leg. It was almost a compound fracture, the bone did cut the skin but did not come completely through. I will be having surgery Thursday to put pins in one side and plates on the other. This has really put a damper on things but my kids have been a great help during the day. They have not complained about having to do so much for mom because I can't do much of anything but make my way to the bathroom and then back to the couch. Kenyon has taken over the cooking and the kids have brought their school work in around me to do. It is going pretty slow since I can only stay awake about 2 hours at a time with the pain medicine but we are doing what we can. Monty has taken over running the errands and doing the dishes before and after work. I am not sure what exactly God has in store for us but my family is learning servant hood pretty quickly. I am learning that things don't have to only be done MY way in order for it to be considered done. One way or another, I pray that God's name is glorified through this trial we are facing.

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