Friday, August 3, 2012

Just a little update

Wow! It has been a LONG time since I have posted anything here. I don't really have a good reason for that. Life just seems to go along whether we are ready or not. In trying to keep up with most things, I just kinda let my blog sit. I see it is just like the laundry.....still here when I finally get around to it ☺. I will try to give a brief overview of what has been going on here.

Everyone has had their birthdays (except me) this year and I just can't believe it. My baby boy is 14.....FOUR-TEEEEEN! How did that ever happen??? Oh man it just goes so fast. My little baby girls are now 9 and 10. My husband's uncle just passed away this week and we got out some old photo albums for the kids to look at to help them remember the times they were around him. It is just amazing how different, how grown up, they look after just a few years. The new picture at the top of my blog is just an example. It was taken shortly after we started homeschooling, about 5 years ago.

Our school this past year was not ideal. With the whole broken leg thing, it really put a strain on our year. Each of the kids finished up their own math and language but our history and science did not get finished. I was hoping to continue through the summer to get it done but with the kids all having church camp and the natural busyness of summer, it didn't happen like I wanted. I did get to go to the homeschool convention in May and have all or our curriculum for this new school year. I just have to finish going over things to see how much of the start of the new year would be a review of the last year and try to combine what we missed with where we will start. I was hoping to start our year next week but now that we have a funeral to attend and family coming in I think it will have to be later.

The biggest news in our lives right at this moment is Monty's job.....actually his lack of a job right now. He worked in a warehouse for the past 10 years. A few weeks ago the supervisor found some damage on a pole and nobody had reported having an accident with their forklift. Everyone was on break at the time and Monty's forklift was parked closest to the damaged pole so he got suspended for it. They took his statement (that he did not hit anything) and did some sort of investigation while he spent the week at home waiting to hear from them. Yesterday it was decided that they were terminating him. It was not what he was hoping but I know it was God's will. He has been praying about finding a different job for the last few months. I guess the Lord decided that he was not acting as quickly as God had planned so He decided to move things along. The same thing happened when we decided I would stop working and stay home with my children. We had prayed about it and decided it was what God wanted and made plans to do that on our time. Our timeline showed that we could accomplish that goal within 2 years. God's timeline was a little different. Withing weeks of us making our decision the department I worked in was closed. We have seen how God has taken care of us since then and I know He will take care of us now. Although it was a shock to begin with, I am now pretty excited to see just what God has in store.

Well that is a little update for now. I have lots of things I would love to write about and I will try to  keep up a little better on sharing with you how God works!

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Mobenda said...

We are praying for you guys!! God just has a better job lined up for Monty. I have no doubt. Thinking of you as you're traveling and spending time with family this week. LOVELOVELOVE, B.

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