Friday, August 29, 2008


Wow! What a day. We use My Father's World curriculum so we have a "book basket" at all times. We go to the library and everyone checks out books pertaining to things we will be doing in the next 2 weeks. All in all it is about 40 books each time(and usually a few movies). Well today is library day and always takes some planning. We had to get showers and hair all done, then finding everyone a pair of matching shoes is always an adventure(it is really just the girls that have so many pairs and obviously take them each off at different times in different rooms of the house???!!!) We learned from last time that everyone needs a backpack. We just took 2 last time and guess who got to carry 2 bags with 20 books each. We did not have the TV on at all today(not counting lion king Nintendo game Kalysa was playing) so I did not even hear the VP pick. Mom called on her lunch break and let me know McCain picked a woman. We got lunch finished then I got to talk to Kacy(sister n law) for a few minutes about it. Then it was off to the library. After about 2 hours there, it was off to walmart to get the rest of the school supplies we have been needing. We got home around 6:30 so I had to get supper ready and we ate. I just finally got to sit and read a little about the VP choice. I am really pleased that she seems to have strong conservative views but I just don't know exactly how I feel about voting in a woman with small children to be next in line for the presidency(as implied I do plan on voting McCain-I know he is not who I would choose but I feel voting for someone with stronger conservative views is to throw my vote away if there is no chance of them winning and there is NO WAY I could ever vote for Obama's liberal socialist stance) As I stated yesterday, I really believe a mother should be the one raising her kids and I know what my kids missed out on with me working a meaningless 40 hour a week job. I am not completely against women working. Right now I do a paper route everyday to help get rid of a car payment(our last debt besides the house). My kids love to go on it with me(even though it is from 4 am to 6 am and they usually sleep through it). I think there are plenty of ways to make some money and still be home with your kids. I know single mothers do not have a choice but to work but I just don't understand how a mom with a working husband and 5 kids, 1 of which is a baby with special needs, could choose to take on a position that will in all likelihood keep her away from her children more than she is with them for a minimum of 4 years. It almost makes me feel like the reason her children will miss out on her is because of my vote. I know I can not make the decisions for other people and God uses us all for different things. Could it be that the truth that God has shown me is not the same truth he shows someone else or is it that truth is truth and they have just yet to see it? If I vote for her, am I keeping her from seeing the truth? I know that God also gave us all free will and I have to remember that maybe she has rejected the same truth I have embraced. The choice to accept the nomination is hers and the choice to vote for her is mine. Whatever her reasoning, I guess her choice has been made and for lack of any other possibilities I will choose to vote for her.

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