Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aha moment

As a Christian parent, our main purpose is to raise our children in the love and admonition of the Lord and pray they will grow up and continue to walk in the truth. One day we all hope to hear our children proclaim their faith and stick to their convictions because they are THEIRS not because they are/were their parents. I have often said (and truly believe) my biggest challenge in life is being the mother of a boy. I can relate to my girls. I know how they think and when they are scheming. I understand their moods and their attitudes. I know what they are going to go through when they start to change from a girl to a women. I don't have a CLUE about any of that where my son is concerned. Having a son that is about a year from being a teenager, I really struggle with the job I have and am doing in raising him. I know that I am not equipped to raise a boy into a man. I mean, I have never been a man before. I don't have the slightest idea how to make him into a man. To raise him to be a Godly man that is the leader of his home and provider for his family with morals and character-that is one tall order that I feel COMPLETELY unable to fill!! Luckily I am not fully responsible for that. Kenyon has a dad that was once a boy and somehow became a man even though he did not have a dad around to help him along the way so surely he knows a little bit about the process and will be able to help his own son. More importantly, He has a Heavenly Father that does not want to see anyone perish but offers us all the opportunity for eternal life. A Heavenly Father that hears and answers our prayers. A Heavenly Father that will not fail us or forsake us. I have done (and will continue to do) everything I can to be sure my son knows this Father. I have introduced them and they have started to form their own relationship. I will do all I can to nurture their relationship and watch it grow. And I will pray and pray and pray to this same Heavenly Father for my son as we do start seeing him grow up into the man he will someday be. Regardless of all my efforts, I still spend most of my time wondering if I am even on the right track. I can't read Kenyon like my girls. Most often I don't know exactly what he is thinking. I can't tell exactly how he feels. I just don't always know if he really "gets it." Those feelings are what make the Aha moments that we get to witness even more sweet and special- like a little pat on the back saying "keep it up! He is getting it. way to go mom."
A few weeks ago on a Sunday evening the preacher was preaching about how we all have to have our OWN faith. We all must follow the Lord on our own because We believe. If your parents stop following God, you must continue yourself. If your youth pastor is called to another church, you must continue to follow the Lord. If your preacher goes off the deep end and just stopped serving the Lord, your own faith should be strong enough that you continue serving Him. All through the sermon, Kenyon was listening and asking me questions. He was relating things the preacher was saying to things we often say around the house about not worrying about what others are doing you do what you know is right(we use that a lot in regards to tattling). When the sermon was over and the invitation was starting, Kenyon looked shocked. .......the moment......
Kenyon:Whoa! That didn't seem like hours like it usually does. It only seems like we have been here like 33 minutes or something.
Me: See! When you really listen to the sermon and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart so that you learn what the Lord wants you to learn, it never seems like hours. That is when you think "wait! it can't be over! I want to learn MORE!"
Kenyon: AHA MOMENT! Oh! so that is why you love it so much!

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Love to read about the Aha moments. It just some how makes things worth it doesn't it. talk to you soon I hope and God bless!

Amy B

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