Sunday, February 14, 2010

What to do???

What to do.....

...when you have been away from your blog so long that you are afraid everything you planned on posting is now old news.
...when you really doubt anyone even reads anything you write anyway-based on the lack of comments :(
...when you think you have something so insightful to say only to read someone else's blog and realize that your own thoughts seem so monotonous and mundane now.

What I am going to do....

...just pick up where I left off like nothing ever happened :)
...continue to write for myself-I love my blog and the outlet it gives me for my thoughts. Whether anyone else reads them or not, each post I write has served that purpose. :)
...Remember that the other blogger's incisive revelations are a picture of where that person is in their life and is a reflection of the growth they are experiencing in their life/homeshool/Christian walk/marriage/parenting, AND so are my own experiences!! Just because we are not all at the same place at the same time does not take away from the worth of what I have encountered. Somewhere out there is someone that may be able to learn or grow from reading my posts just the way I often feel when I read other's and maybe the people it is meant to encourage is my own daughters someday far down the road.


Mobenda said...

Girl, I read your blog on a regular basis and I LOVE IT!! You've made me seriously consider homeschooling our baby Jaycee. Keep it up! I check it nearly every day and I have missed you! Tell Montello chello and take care.

char said...
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char said...

thanks girl! I needed that:)

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