Friday, April 16, 2010

God says "EAT POPSICLES" ???

Scene: Kalysa sitting on the couch with a book.
enter mom: Hey Kalys, what ya doin?
Kalysa:Just reading this Bible.(little kids picture Bible) You know mom, you need to be good like it says in the Bible.
mom:Yes I should and so should you.
Kalysa:I know. That is why I am reading this Bible........You know you should be a good mom and give us Popsicles like in the Bible(pointing to a lovely picture of a family having a picnic eating popsicles.)


Anonymous said...

So cute! I can just picture her there pointing with her little finger. I love those moments!
Love ya!
Amy B

char said...

Ain't she cute?! Since we believe that every word of the Bible is God's true word, guess she is expecting me to run out and get some popsicles even though we have never discussed PICTURES in the Bible being God's true word! Hehehe

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