Monday, April 26, 2010

My new hobby!

So this is about a month overdue but better late than never, right?! I entered to win a giveaway on Sandra's blog and I won THIS....
Isn't is the cutest thing?! She made this sewing caddy to hang off the side of a table. The top is a huge pin cushion and the hanging bag collects all of the scraps and cut pieces of thread that normally end up on the table or the floor. There are also a few pockets to hold scissors or other accessories. I loved it when I saw it on her blog and was so excited when I won. Especially since I got this....

just a few days before! (Yes, in case you are wondering, that is my great grandma's old sewing machine that my new one now sits on. I have had it for years but it needs a few repairs and I just never have checked into fixing it up. We have always just used it for a desk) I have never been much of a seamstress but my mother is awesome. I have done some sewing through the years but as of late I have really had the desire to do more. I had planned on getting my own machine when we got our tax return and luckily when I went to pick it up, it was on clearance-$40 off! Winning the sewing caddy just a few days later confirmed for me that the Lord had plans for me to sew more for my family!! That is exactly what I have been doing. I do not have any patterns laying around and I have watched my mother sew everything under the sun with no pattern so I just decided to use what I had. I have been VERY lucky and never had to buy clothes for my kids very often. My grandma is the garage sale queen and supplies my kids with tons of very nice clothes every summer. Monty's sister also sends them new things often. I have a sack of clothes that are too small but too nice to just throw out so I started looking there. I found 2 green A shaped sun dresses that were size 4. Kalysa has several denim skirts that still fit her tiny behind but are getting a little to short. I started by cutting the green dress off below the sleeves and added it to the bottom of her denim skirt and made her a new long skirt that she loves.

You can't really tell in the photo, but the denim has little pink embroidery flowers around the bottom and the green dress has very light pink flowers stitched across the bottom of it. It came out even more perfect than I had expected. I have to make sure this one stays clean because it has now become her absolute favorite thing to wear.

For Keslee I took a blue jumper and cut it off just above the pockets. I then took the other green (with polka dots) size 4 A shaped dress and cut it off under the sleeves. I added the green to the bottom of the blue and then put elastic in the top and WAALAAA....

another favorite! The girls love these so much because they are so full that they do not restrict them in their running and playing but are long enough that they do not show anything that they shouldn't during that same running and playing! (just ignore the fact that I used a dirty blue dress! I washed it after it was all finished☺)
Keslee and Kalysa have both decided (on their own) that they do not want to wear pants but rather skirts, dresses or culottes. I saved several very cute pairs of pants just waiting for the chance to use them. Keslee had a very cute pair of capri pants with little red flowers on the pockets and a red belt. I cut the seams out of the legs and then added a piece of a shirt with pretty red and blue flowers.
Again, you can't tell in the photo but the shirt had a ruffled front so the front of the skirt now has a pretty little ruffle between the denim.
Kalysa also seems to have several high waisted dresses. Now that they are getting to short, I just cut them off right under the breast and add elastic and have a very simple skirt with just about 15 minutes worth of work.

This was a denim dress with colorful little hearts. The dress buttoned all the way down the front so I just sewed it closed but left the buttons.

This was another high waisted dress that is now a skirt that will probably fit Kalysa for at least another year.

It has been so much fun to make things for my kids. I love when the kids bring me something wanting me to repair it for them or being able to quickly replace the zipper in my husband's pants. Having a dedicated area in my home that now houses my sewing machine means it is always out and always ready for me.


Mobenda said...

Great job, sister! Everything looks great.

char said...

Thanks! and so much fun too!!

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