Monday, July 19, 2010

An only child

This week(actually the last week of June-I'm a little behind as usual) Kalysa has been an only child. Keslee is now old enough to go to church camp. They left on Monday. Kenyon was very excited but Keslee has been pretty nervous about being away from mom for 4 whole days. That is until it was time for them to leave! She just hopped on the bus and picked her a seat.
I had to remind her to GET OFF AND GIVE US A HUG!!
Kalysa has been dreading this week. She and Keslee are best friends and when I asked what she was gonna do while Kes was gone, she busted in to tears and wailed "I DON'T KNOW!!!"
After all the hugs, everyone loaded up the bus and headed off to camp.
This is my favorite picture! See Keslee's little hand on the window? It just shows the love between two sisters as they each embark on their first week away from each other EVER.
With a last wave, they were gone and I was left with only one child to take home. After a few hours I asked Kalysa what she thought about being an only child. She said "there is no fighting and it sure is quiet!" When I asked if she thought she would like to always be the only child I got a definate "NO! I don't like to go sleep alone!"
We made it through the week. Kalysa got lots of extra one on one time and even got to sleep on the couch a few times. It made her nights alot less stressful. We enjoyed each other and the peacefull quiet of a house with only one kid but by Friday we were all ready to have the whole family back together. All of us EXCEPT Keslee. The first thing she told me when they got back was that she was NOT ready to come home. My little girl did not miss me! The same little girl that can't even stay at grandma's house without a tear or two. The one that has to go with me everytime I leave the house. She had so much fun at church camp. The last several weeks have been filled with stories about the dorms and the Bible lessons and the swimming and the food and the carnival and the other kids. Keslee's life is now just a countdown until she can go back to camp next year. She has spent lots of time preparing her baby sister for next year when it will be their first year of church camp TOGETHER! Through all of her excitment and stories, I can't help but be saddened by it all. It really makes me realize that I don't have any more babies! They are all growing up so fast. Wondering if there is any way that I can hang on to Kalysa a little harder and keep her my tiny baby girl just a little longer!? guess not, huh? :(

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