Friday, July 2, 2010

Taking America Back

While mom and I do the paper route, we normally listen to a local talk radio morning show. Well, last week they were giving away tickets to the 10th caller. Now my sister, Chastanie, wins those kinda things off the radio ALL-THE-TIME but I never have any luck. (She even won a casket signed by the the members of KISS one halloween. She made enough money off of that thing on ebay to get new carpet!!☺) Well, I decided to go ahead and give it a try and this time I actually was the 10th caller! I won 2 tickets to Glenn Beck's Taking America Back tour and an autographed copy of his new book The Overton Window. I don't get to listen to Glenn Beck's show very often because we don't have cable and I can not get the local AM radio station on any of my radios except in the car but the times I have heard it, I have enjoyed. I always learn something from him and he causes me to have a desire to learn more. I would have to say-that is a good thing! Since Monty is not as interested in spending 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon listening to some political speech, my mom was more than happy to go with me.
The show was hosted by John Rich from the country music group Big and Rich. He spoke between each of the other speakers. He was very good and spoke a lot to the Christians in the audience. He said that 10 million professing Christians did NOT vote in the last presidential election and reminded us all that evil prevails when good men do nothing. I was also glad to hear him give a challenge to any preachers in the audience. He told them that if they were scared to preach the hard hitting lessons from the Bible for fear of offending someone-they were the problem. Our country and our world needs revival and that needs to start at the pulpit.
Next we heard from Carl Rove. His message was not filled with humor but just the facts. He basically crunched the numbers for us all. He explained how the government counts a savings from one area as savings but still uses that money in another area. They are basically counting the same money twice to make the picture seem a little better than it really is. He broke down the spending from the stimulus and the Obamacare and really showed how NONE OF IT MAKES ANY SENSE. No matter what pretty words you use to describe these things-the numbers never lie and the numbers do not show a pretty picture for our country.
Of course Glenn Beck was the main speaker and he had his trusty chalkboard on stage to go over news of the day. He spent a lot of time trying to get everyone to realize just how much of our true history has been rewritten or deleted from what we are being taught now. He stressed how important it is to learn things and research for yourself instead of just eating everything you are fed by government run schools or the media. He gave several historical examples like a bombing in Manhattan in 1916 that can only be compared to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 but nobody has ever heard of. He reminded us that if you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. He gave lots of examples from history where other countries have gone down similar paths that we are on now and that path never ends well. Glenn also gave a challenge to all Christians. We know that God is the answer but we can never expect our country to get back to the great land that it once was if we continue to let them push the Answer further and further out. We have got to stop letting them remove God from our government, our schools, our country, and eventually our lives.

Lastly, there was a special guest. Joe the Plumber. He was really good and it really meant a lot to hear him challenge us all knowing that he is just an everyday guy. Not a professional public speaker, an ex-government employee, not some rich country music singer but just a regular guy that is a plumber and got thrown into the spot light because he asked a presidential candidate a question that the main stream media was to afraid to ask. He encouraged us all to "look it up!" Look up the voting records and past writings of all our candidates. Research what they believe BEFORE we vote for them. Stop sitting in the side lines and then complaining when things get even worse. He stressed that as Christians our job is to serve the Lord and as Americans our job is to serve our country. We can not do either effectively if we always do or believe what others say but never learn it ourselves. He addressed the fact that many people tell him he should have just kept him mouth shut when he met Obama and he would have been saved the grief of being drug through the mud by the media. He assured us that the little bit of persecution he has or will have to suffer is nothing that he can not handle. He reminded us of some of the things the 12 disciples had to go through which really makes the little inconviences or hurt feelings we may go through when we stand for God and our beliefs seem so petty.
Mom and I had a blast and learned a lot. It really did seem like we were kinda at school and then kinda at church. I feel encouraged that so many Americans eyes seem to be opening about the condition of our country and I have real hope that we could see another great awaking. I know that my God is powerful enough to bring our country back to what it was started on if the people's hearts are willing to listen and then to act.

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