Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus

There is one house in our town that really lets their little light shine during Christmas! The entire second floor proclaims the reason for the season. It is way more beautiful than any cell phone camera could ever show. The lights are covering the entire house-front, back, sides, top to bottom-along with the garage, porch and the trees in the yard. At the first sign of Christmas light season the kids start begging to drive by the Happy Birthday Jesus house.

As we stopped out front to enjoy the view tonight (as well as snap a picture) Kenyon says " I remember when mom use to bring us by this house when we were little." to which Keslee adds (in her most contemplative voice) "me too...awwww, good times good times."
Happy Birthday Jesus!!! Thank you for choosing to leave your place on high to suffer and die for me! Thank you Jesus!


David said...

now i have that song "happy birthday to jesus" stuck in my head

char said...

Glad I could help David! :)

Pretty Pauline said...

I LOVE THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS SIGN!!!! And I am blessed beyond belief by your support. I haven't kept up with blogs, either. HOW does one get it all done? But my bloggy friends are still often on my heart with a prayer. I have thought of you! Thanks you, faithful friend!

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