Saturday, January 14, 2012

When I got wet... part 1

First I have to say that my God is an Awesome God!! I am so thankful that He doesn't give up on us.
When I was a child my parents took us to church. We all went for a few years and then my parents stopped. My sister, brothers and I still rode the church bus and went often but it didn't last. After a few years not being in church regularly, I became friends with a girl named Anita in Jr. high. She went to church with her mother every week and I started attending with her all through high school. In 8th grade I got saved and baptised. Although I went to church, participated in youth activities, went on the ski trips and even sang in the choir, as soon as I went to college I was able to put it all aside and live it up college style. I still believed in God. I still said my prayers at night. I even read in my Bible sometimes. I considered myself a Christian even though my behavior was far from Christ like. In college I met my bestest friend on earth, Amy. We had lots of talks about God (she was catholic at the time) and she could sway me just as easily as I could sway her. About 10 years ago Amy got married and started attending an Independent Baptist church with her husband. I visited my mom's church occasionally and often sent my young son with grandma because I knew church would be good for him. In 2005 I decided to attend a revival with my mother to hear Brother Kenny Baldwin preach. It was at that revival that my eyes were totally opened. All of a sudden the weight of my sin was more than I could bear. The gravity of what Jesus actually did to save me became real. My Lord and Savior became more than just a story. I made my way to the alter and begged for forgiveness. My life completely changed that day. I gave myself to God and started doing my best to live for Him. A few months later I joined the church and continued to grow. It was about the same time that Amy got saved and her life was changing just as quickly as mine. We were on an awesome journey together; her just being saved and I-saved at 13-but now both of us obeying the Lord...Or at least that is what I thought until just a few weeks ago.

tune in for Part 2 tomorrow:)

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