Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where your treasure is

I have heard several things from other parents as of late about how their young children (like 6-10) have discovered the different "high dollar" clothing labels and now will only wear soandso. These poor parents then fret over "Oh, how will we ever make it through the teen years when it is so expensive to have little kids."  These parents have created their own monster and will pay dearly for it later. I have tried very hard to not allow my children to be overly picky and I sure don't want them to be materialistic. The Bible tells us to lay our treasures up in heaven and where our treasure is there will our heart be also. When our treasures consist only of the latest styles, the best car, the biggest house, and ALL the latest gadgets there is no room left for God. Of course I want to be able to give my children some of the things that they want but I also want them to be appreciative of what they have. On Christmas the Lord gave me the opportunity to see first hand that the efforts I have put into my children have not been in vain. The kids know full well that this year has not been a great year financially and I honestly think they expected little to nothing in the way of presents. They never saw me bring anything home from a shopping trip (I'm very sneaky!) so they had no evidence that there would be presents at all. That did not seem to bother them in the least. The excitement was still there and we had lots and lots of discussions about what Christmas is REALLY about. They enjoyed seeing the decorations around town and even wanted to stop and explain to people why the nativity scene in their yard was not correct. They were excited to get to see their Nana, to spend a night away from home, and just have a few days of family time. On Christmas morning they woke up to one present apiece in the living room and they were so grateful. They were happy with what they got even though none of the 3 presents were even new! I was given a 10 speed bike the week before Christmas and Kenyon just happened to need a new bike. It was in perfect condition but the chain was rusted. I asked Kenyon what he thought about it and he just said "just what I wanted, all I need now is can of wd40!" I assured him I would be buying a new chain but just did not have time before Christmas to get one after I got the bike. The girls each got a Baby Alive doll that I had found on Craigslist and of course they each loved them. We then got ready for church and headed out the door. I already had the car packed with clothes, pillows and blankets for a trip to Nana's house. Church that morning was great and the kids were happy to share what they had gotten with all their friends. There was not a hint of disappointment from any of them. After church we loaded up and headed to Monty's mom's house. When we arrived, she took all three kids to her room to show them the stockings stuffed full of goodies she had prepared for them. When they came out of her room to share this unexpected treat they saw this......
 There was nothing under that tree when we walked in. It took only a few moments for them to notice that THEIR stockings were under that tree! They were in a total state of unbelief. They had no idea how their stockings made it to Nana's house. They started asking if I had mailed them or something and even "made their brain hurt" trying to figure it out.  (did I forget to mention that the pillows and blankets in the back of the SUV were not just for a overnight trip but also to cover a load of presents and stockings☺told ya I was sneaky!) They still never figured out how their stockings got to Nana's house but were pleasantly surprised that the gifts also had their names on them.
After I had been sufficiently assured that tons of gifts really was NOT the main thing about Christmas in my children's hearts, we let them open their new presents.
 Keslee really has a desire to learn to knit, crochet and sew. She got a knitting machine, a weaving loom and a friendship bracelet kit. She has plenty of projects to work on now.
 "Oh Bother." I just love Eeyore and so does Kalysa. Keslee got the matching Pooh Bear.
 Look at that smile☺ She got exactly what she has been wanting for the past year....
 Her own MP3 player loaded with her favorite songs by great singers like Brother Jayson, Kaylie, Sarah, Jessica, Hannah, and the Petricks-all of which she enjoys seeing live on any given Sunday. Kenyon and Keslee both got one last year and Kalysa has waited patiently all year to be able to enjoy her music without having to ask her sister.
 Monty got just what he wanted as well, a Dallas Cowboy trash can to go in his Dallas bathroom.
 After presents there was plenty of family time. Time to try to explain your games to Nana.
 Time to put together your new Build-a-bear.
 Even time to start on some of your crafts-like making your own head bands.
and of course............
                                         TIME TO EAT!!!
 We had a great time on Christmas day and a beautiful day the next day. Just sunny and warm enough for Kenyon to try out his new football with his dad.
Of course, no day that daddy does not have to go to work would be complete without an impromptu wrestling match!
All in all, we had a great Christmas with Monty's mom. And I got just what I wanted-a day full of surprises and smiles, and lots of family time without greed and selfishness. There is my treasure-sitting on the couch with their Nana!


Candy said...

Aww, that's great, looks like they had a great Christmas. I understand where your coming from too. I desperately want to down play the commercialism of Christmas in my kids eyes, we always try to keep things fairly simple. Our kids have wanted Legos for awhile, so this year we bought 5 of the smaller lego sets (one for each child) plus one box of assorted legos. Kelly went and picked them up one night after work and hid them in the car until Christmas eve so they never saw any gifts come in. Christmas eve after they went to sleep we brought the 6 boxes of legos in, wrapped them, and put them under the tree (that we had just set up that evening, lol, I'm a procrastinator) on Christmas morning they asked which gift was for who (there was no names) we said it doesn't matter, they are all for our whole family, so just pick one. After Church we spent all afternoon playing legos together, and building things, I want to give my kids time, and memories built together more then anything, even though they only got one (and 1/7th lol) of a gift a piece, and the gift they opened wasn't even exclusively "theirs" they said they loved it that way, and that it was their very best Christmas yet! Our gift wasn't "legos," it was "Family"

char said...

We never did put up our tree this year Candy. I just dont want the tree and decorations to be what Christmas is all about so we have a year or 2(last year we just put a 2 foot tree on the table) without them.

Candy said...

We debated off and on about it (a tree)all day, the kids were really excited and begging to put up a tree.. even if only a Charlie brown tree which we did one year ( a large branch decorated with lights, popcorn strings, and home made items) we finally did decide to put one up, but used the fake tree my dad gave us. (since it was getting late) So this year the kids won the tree debate:-) and I don't regret it, they had fun decorating, it will be a cherished memory. I don't know what we will do next year, but so long as it involves making memories with my littles while they are still little, I'm game.. (personally we see Christmas as somewhat of a historical compromise anyways, so celebrating is a bit of a struggle for us to begin with.. so next year we may decide to go in a completely different direction with it.) but as long as we do celebrate, I want to make and preserve memories with the kids, and for them to learn to value people, and not things. I would rather give them my time then the latest toy, yk? -And that isn't just for Christmas either! I want to take advantage of every opportunity to make memories with those I love, my 19year old brother died when I was
12 very suddenly in the night just before Christmas... sometimes memories are all you have left... Lately its becoming even more and more important to me to make and preserve memories...especially with my kids. Anways, love reading your blog, and sounds like your kiddos had a great time, learned some great lessons, and will have some cherished lasting memories :-)

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