Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phenomenal Parents?!

If you read my last post you will understand that the week we just had was filled with struggles and trials for my children as well as me. Weeks like that can really bring a homeschool mom down and make ya start wondering why we are doing what we are doing. Is it really worth it and are we really getting anywhere? Don't ya just love it when God, in His infinite wisdom, knows the internal struggles we are facing and promptly sends reinforcement and encouragement!?! Now please know that I am in NO way trying to brag on myself or my children by telling this story but am trying to brag on my God and the love and grace He shows His children. I know who we are and know what we are as a family but hope that others will still be able to see Christ through us.
We went out to dinner as a family and had a very good meal. It was nothing special, just the 5 of us enjoying each other and some cheese enchiladas, no different from any other time we visit a restaurant as a family. Towards the end of our meal an older lady that had been having dinner with her husband a few tables away came over to our table and said...
Her:I just wanted to say that the 2 of you must be Phenomenal parents.
Me:(giggle, giggle thinking "who is she talking to?!")Well, thank you mam but trust me, we are no where close to phenomenal!
Her:You have Beautiful kids and they have been so well behaved the entire time you have been here. Normally, when we go out, the restaurants are filled with kids from you know where and you don't see kids behave this well. You guys must be doing something right so I say that you are phenomenal parents.
Me:Well thank you so much! (blush! blush! because I know myself and I am NOT a phenomenal ANYTHING and especially not a phenomenal parent in the least!!)
So, just when I start to wonder if we are getting anywhere and if the extra work and headaches are really worth it, God says "your on the right track!" I know that homeschooling does not automatically produce well behaved children but it most definitely does produce closer family relationships which in turn affects the behavior of all involved. Homeschooling is a lifestyle change that we have made as a family as we do our best to honor and obey God. Without that one act of obedience to the Lord, I know the other parts of our lives would be out of line. So come Monday morning(not too early!) I will be happy to start a new week of school. I CAN put last week behind us and I KNOW that it is all worth it. Yes we ARE getting somewhere. No where close to phenomenal but somewhere none the less!


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

PRAISE GOD for such encouragement!!!! It's in moments like that where the daily struggles melt away and you get a good look at your littles FOR REAL and not the issues you might be pushing through at the moment. I'm sure y'all really ARE phenomenal parents!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

char said...

OH NO! We are so NOT phenomenal!! Trust me on that! But it really is nice to at least have a moment that makes it look like we are. Thanks:)

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