Wednesday, April 6, 2011

He really did it this time!!

Yep, he sure did. Even though I asked him not to. I begged him not to. I cried and pleaded for several days. Did he listen? NOPE! He just went and did it anyway. With absolutely no regard for my feelings! Can you believe that? I mean seriously...the nerve of some boys. No matter what I said, regardless of the tears I shed, with no consideration of the feelings of others, they do it anyway. They just wake up one morning and turn 13.




I promise it was just a moment ago that I had a sweet little boy that was getting into everything. How could it be that that moment was actually thirteen years long????

How can I be the mother of a teenager???

Seriously....I am just barely past my own teen years!☺

I was not ready for this day. I am still in a state of unbelief. I mean...A TEENAGER?!?! What am I suppose to do with a TEENAGER??

I know my only hope of survival is in this book!! So first thing we did was get him a new one. His first "good" Bible with leather cover and his name embossed on the front. It even came with several key verses already highlighted. Ok, so I did the highlighting but they were there before he ever got it.

We also got him this pretty little ring. The design is a reminder of the crown of thorns that Jesus endured for us during the Crucifixion and the inside has a sweet little reminder engraved just for him.

Monty and I took our not so little boy out to Braum's for lunch. After burgers, the 3 of us had a long, not so easy, talk over a banana split.

I promise you, that is about the hardest thing I have ever done and I was afraid my poor husband was on the verge of a coronary the entire time. My shy, modest teenager was none too happy about it either. I am not allowed to discuss any of the topics that we went over (per Kenyon's demand!) with anyone! That is just fine with me and he, in turn, agreed to only discuss such topics with his dad or me if questions arise later.

The only comfort I received from the day-my son assured me he had NEVER heard of such a thing and everything we discussed was completely new and foreign to him. At least I know the first he ever heard was from his parents and was the TRUTH.


Pretty Pauline said...

AW! It is quite a mile-marker to have a teenager, isn't it? A thing of awe... LOVE the cool ring!!!!

Mobenda said...

This post made me laugh out loud. You crack me up!

char said...


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