Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life saving homeschool

This year in science we have been learning about the human body. We use The Body Book and have made hands on 3-D models of several different body parts. They are really easy and explain alot. The kids have been having lots of fun.

We have made this model of the ear. The outer ear opens up to show the inner parts of the ear.

This tooth open up to show the pulp of the teeth, the roots and root canals and the gums and jaw bone.

The eyeball model has several layers including a piece of plastic wrap on the front for the lens.

This face has lips that open up to show the tongue. We learned all about the different areas of taste. Kalysa decided to make all her teeth either gold or silver, goofy girl:)

The skin has several layers and this model is the same. We learned the layers as well as about the nerve endings and pain receptors in the skin. Also the hair and hair follicles.

And then there is the skeleton. We have talked about the different bones and joints. We have used our own bodies to recognize the hinge joints and the ball joints; what they can do and what they can't. It has been alot of fun. I love these hands on projects. The kids have a visual of what it is we are talking about and can go back and look again when they have questions.
We are scheduled to do some astronomy this year as well with Apologia science. Kenyon is waiting and waiting on that. He has a telescope and loves to look at the moon and stars. He has gotten up in the middle of the night to watch an eclipse and meteor showers every single time we hear of them. He is just fascinated by space as most boys are. So one day while we were making one of our body part models Kenyon asked "When do we get to start astronomy? I really want to do that now instead." I explained that I had looked ahead in our book and it was still several weeks before we get to the astronomy lessons.
"We still have several more parts of the body to learn about" I say.
"Oh Good! I can't wait till we get to the penis!" uuuuhhh, yeah. That would be Keslee.
Wh...WHAA...WHAT? WHY? Why? yeah...that was me.
"I just don't understand them mom, I just don't understand."
I am sooooo thankful that we homeschool!!!
All kids are curious. They all come to a point when they just want to learn about themselves and the other ones. Just imagine if my sweet, innocent, beautiful almost 9 year old girl spent 8 hours a day surrounded by hundreds of other curious children. Lots of curious children. Lots of curious children that live lives that are often unsupervised, uncensored, and totally unBiblical. I will tell you what would happen...she would still be curious. She would have the same questions. She would look for answers and she would find them. Only she would not get those answers from her mother and they very likely would not be totally accurate. Curious young minds would teach each other things without any adults knowledge. The conscience that the Lord equipped them with would let them know they were entering territory that they were not supposed to be in and she would hide what she knew and what she wanted to know. She would no longer feel comfortable coming to her mother for such indiscreet information. And there it is...I WOULD HAVE LOST HER. Right then and there, with a simple curiosity that everyone has, I would have lost my sweet 8 year old daughter for good.
Oh, Thank You Lord for the opportunity to homeschool!!


Pretty Pauline said...

Okay, so this post is makin' me feel like a total slacker. We have NOT been quite that busy lately! LOVE THIS! AND the feet at the top. :)

Elizabeth said...

Keslee's anatomy handled that way better than I would. I'm not sure what I would have done, but it probably would have involved passing out. LOL

And of course, she was simply honest. She doesn't understand. Complete innocence. Thank God you can preserve it.

The kids' projects look amazing! GREAT JOB!!!!

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