Thursday, December 22, 2011

When your daddy works in a warehouse....

You have a steady stream of duct tape around the house. Monty brings home all types of tape and glue quiet often and it is a little girl's dream come true. Especially when he brings pretty, colorful tape. We all know that duct tape can fix just about anything but when you add a little imagination there is no end to the possibilities!
 Keslee has been on a shoe making kick lately.
 This white tape with the pretty black flowery designs was perfect for some baby shoes.
 ......and they fit!!
 Ain't she a cutie?!?!
 If your G.I. Joe doll doesn't have any pants, the zebra striped tape works just great!
 Got a barbie that just really needs a pair of knee high boots? Black duct tape to the rescue.
 Use black and zebra striped to make an entire  outfit.

 The paint splatter tape was the girls' favorite but we were only able to get one roll-enough for one shoe and a pair of flip flops.
We had enough of the flowery tape left from the baby shoes for Keslee to make a pair for Kalysa.
After Keslee had made everyone else a gift she ran out of all the pretty tape. She asked Monty to bring her some more home and unfortunately all he could get was this halloween tape with skull designs. It was not her favorite but the ugly design didn't take away from the fun of creating one more pair of shoes.
Oh what fun with duct tape☺

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