Friday, July 24, 2009

Be careful in the morning

As I started to get out of bed this morning my foot touched a familiar soft fuzziness. Luckily the feeling was so very familiar and, even in my half sleep half awake state, I immediately recognized it to be the fuzziness of Kalysa's ever present Raggedy Ann blankie.

She must have gotten up to go the the bathroom in the wee morning hours and decided to come lay down by mom. When Keslee decides to come into our room in the night she will squeeze her way into the bed either between Monty and I or right on the edge beside me and go back to sleep to then begin pushing, kicking and elbowing her way to more room. Kalysa has always just come in and lay on the the floor beside the bed never disturbing anyone else and gone back to sleep. She has with her a couch pillow so she must have been up and contemplating where to lay back down. Isn't she a sweet picture of innocence?! It always makes me smile to wake up and see her tucked in contentedly next to mama's bed.

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