Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coincidence? I think not!!

Webster's dictionary defines coincidence as two events happening at the same time by accident but appearing to have some connection. My head defines coincidence as two things that obviously have some connection but the world wants us to believe happen only by accident as a way to deny the existence of God and deny His authority. There are so many things that fall under this second definition that I have decided to start writing about them as the Lord reveals them to me and I plan on using this same title for each of them.

The Bible says that creation will reveal the Lord's majesty. Creation is also the largest area that the world has used the coincidence argument by trying to sell evolution as a viable explanation for our very existence. Well I'm not buying it! Let's look at the sun-ok not LOOK at the sun because we all know that we can not safely LOOK directly at the sun, but you know what I mean. The sun is the light for the world. It is everywhere. Without the sun there would be nothing but darkness. Even when we may not see it, it is there. It's reflection shines on us from the moon. Everything else revolves around the sun. The sun does not change but it's light changes everything it shines on. The sun's light is available to all people. Everything on earth requires the sun in order to grow and live. The sun sustains all life. Is it a mere coincidence that THE SON is and does the same things? Jesus Christ is the light of the world and without Him in your life you will have nothing but darkness. He is everywhere and everything in your life should revolve around Him. He does not change but He promises (and not doubt will) change everyone He touches. Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ is available to everyone and everyone requires Him in order to grow in His grace. The Son of God sustains all life-not just a life on earth but eternal life. God gave us the sun at creation and without it we would not be able to survive on earth. We are not given a choice as to whether or not we want the sun's light-it is there for our own good. It is there to ensure we have a chance to live the life God has given us on earth. It is there to point us to the SON. The SON is also there to ensure we have a chance to live-eternally with our creator in Heaven and without Him we don't have that option. God gave us His only begotten Son but he also gave us a choice this time. We can choose to reject the Son but we will face the same consequences we would have if we had the opportunity to reject the sun-death and darkness. Knowing how stupid us humans can be, if rejecting all the sun has to offer was an option I am sure we would be doing it the same way most are rejecting what the Son has to offer. So for life and warmth and growth let's all look at the SON-ok not LOOK at HIM because we all know that we can not LOOK directly at the face of God and still live, but you know what I mean.

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