Thursday, July 2, 2009

Curly Curly Curls!

Don't know if you have noticed or not but Keslee has curly hair. These are not just your everyday curls folks, I mean C-U-R-L-Y curls! Ya know, maybe I shouldn't even call them curls-they are more like very tight springs. I LOVE her springy curls. When I was younger I got spiral perm after spiral perm trying to get my hair to look like hers but it never got as curly as I wanted. Well anyone with curls at all knows that tangles and frizz go hand in hand with curly hair. When Kes was younger I always kept her hair in braids-lots of braids because her hair is also super thick. I have had so much fun trying different designs and patterns for her braids. I think she looks so cute with little braids all over but she is growing up now and she wants to do her own hair and she wants to wear it down. I know that letting her wear her hair down means that the next day would result in lots of tears for her and at least an hour of work for me as we try to brush out the frizzy tangles that come with a running, jumping, cart wheeling, windy day of play. I have tried every combination of gels, mouse, hair lotion, and leave in conditioner that I could find. Well thanks to Titus 2 women those days are over!! :) I found this link on her blog and now Keslee's flowing springy curls are FREE from the braids. Here is what we are doing now....shampoo hair-get out of bath and get dressed-THEN add conditioner. I have always used conditioner in the shower and then add a leave in conditioner afterwards. Now we add the regular conditioner after the shower and let it dry in her hair. This keeps the curls together and eliminates the frizz. The next day we can use wet fingers or use a spray bottle of water to re-wet her hair just a little to style it for the day and it is perfect! No more buying extra gels or mouse, just maybe an extra bottle of the conditioner we use anyway because I use ALOT to be sure all her curls are coated. It actually worked so great for Kes that I now do the same thing for Kalysa and myself. Our curls are not as curly as Keslee's but I tell ya-Kalysa's loose wavy curls look AWESOME now!

Here are some pictures of the first night we used this technique.


Then we went to church. Not just any church service-I mean a Wednesday night church service. At our church what that means is that as soon as church is over all the kids run outside and have a prayer meeting amongst their selves asking the Lord to keep all of the adults inside and talking and catching up with everyone and sharing homeschool tips and recipes and to let there be something that we all have to do like maybe move some tables and chairs or decorate a room or something to keep us all occupied so they can enjoy some playtime together. Actually I can't say that is exactly what happens since I am not invited to this outdoors revival meeting of kids but I assume that is what happens since all the kids head outside immediately and us adults DO end up inside often for an hour or more after church leaving the kids to have a great time playing basketball or tag or just ride around on the 2 or 3 scooters that kids bring on Wednesday night in anticipation of their free time together. It must be a God thing. But anyway, what I am trying to say is after several hours and lots of running and playing this is what her hair looked like when we finally got home...

Not much different huh!?! No frizz!! Still just beautiful springy bouncy spiral curls. When she headed to bed we used 2 scrunchies and made 2 loose buns on each side for her to sleep. When she woke up the next morning it only took a couple of minutes to fix her hair for the day. I LOVE IT! I am so thankful that we have found what works now and she will not have to go through her whole life fussing and fighting with her beautiful curls. We wash her hair every 3 or 4 days and since it has had conditioner in it the whole time washing her hair is also easier. My baby girl is growing up and now I can let her have her "grown up" hair style without all the "I'm still just a little girl" fussing when it comes time to brush it.

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Anonymous said...

AW! What a treat to visit to day and read this~and your little girl is sooo PRECIOUS! What a GREAT find that tightly curly link is, huh? LOVE IT and wanna share it with the world! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) and hope you have a great 4th! ~sandi

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