Monday, July 13, 2009

Come over to my PARTY!!!!

Monty in kindergarten

Happy Birthday to my honey bear.

Today my husband turns 38 years old! It just seems amazing that we met when he was just 23. Last week was his 2nd re-birthday! He was saved on 7-7-07. Today I am making his favorite cake-Angel Food. We usually have a cherry cheesecake so he will probably expect that-I love to mix it up a little and surprise him every chance I get. I wish the finances were available for me to throw him some big surprise party or take a special birthday trip somewhere. He works so hard for us, he really deserves it. He spent yesterday after church in the 105*+ garage with my grandad putting up our new garage door opener. It took them the whole afternoon and into the evening to get the thing mounted correctly and securely. I don't know how many times they had it up and ended up taking it back down to start over because something wasn't quite right. He deserves a party just for that!
Since the party is out of the question this year, I have decided to try a virtual party and you are invited! Take a piece of virtual cake and leave my hubby a virtual present in the comments! Help me to surprise him in a whole new way and make his birthday extra special!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Monty! Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to daddy happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Kenyon

Anonymous said...

i love daddy you are special to me you are a amazing love keslee

Anonymous said...

i love you daddy you are a crazy goofball happy birthday


Anonymous said...

Well,I was going to take you to a stripclub for your birthday,but unfortunatley Im not able to come down so instead just picture in your mind me taking off my shirt.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love you and miss you brother! Love, your sister LaTrese

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

*HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!* What CUTE pics of a Little Monty! ~smile~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Pastor said...

Hey Bro. Monty,

I hope that you have a GREAT birthday.

They say that wine and cheese grow better with what's your problem :)

Happy B-day


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bro. Monty! Enjoy that angel food cake! For your birthday, I wish you strawberries and cream to put over that cake. Yum! Love the pictures too!
Blessings, Dedra

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Monty!..Hope you had a great day.. Happy Birthday..It's been alot of fun getting to know you better over the last couple of years..Have a great day! Jayson

Anonymous said...

happy b-day to my favorite brother-in-law. Jacinta

Anonymous said...

Happy 38th birthday Monty! I hope you enjoy your virtual party :-D
~Carie Patterson

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Monty!! Have a great day and enjoy your party and your cake. Love ya, Chas(your favorite sister-in-law)

bethany said...

Happy birthday, Monty! My son's birthday is today as well- he turns 4. Hope you had a great day!

Angela said...

Monty, I hope you have a GREAT day.
I'm thinking you need 21 candles on that cake with the strawberries and cream. Also, my gift to you would be season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys. If we were rich, they would be in the mail.
Much love, Mike & Angela

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great birthday. I hope you know I like to make a grand entrance, that is why I am consistantly late. You are Charlynnes husband but I also consider you a friend. I love you( Don't tell Charlynne) and I love your family. Thanks for sharing your wife with me! May we have many more years to come. Your friend in Texas.

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