Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cousins and Birthdays-YAY!!

A few weeks ago we went to the Tulsa area to My brother's house.

Chris' daughter's birthdays are 1 month apart, October 13 and November 13, so they combine their party since it is easier for some to make one trip instead on 2 within just a few weeks. Here are some pictures of our fun.....

Brooksey-12 and Sheyenne-9 opening presents

Cousins catching up!
Of course there was cake :)
Lots of running and playing and jumping on the trampoline

There was even bowling.

This is my sister, Chastanie, with were 2 year old twins-Ashlynne and Ashton. Ashton was not very happy about having to stop for a minute for a picture.

Chris borrowed a go-cart with the intention of taking all the cousins for a ride. The birthday girl-Sheyenne-got the first ride which ended up being just to the end of the drive way before the chain broke canceling the go cart rides.

Or so Chris thought!! My kids had him push them around for a while since this would be their only chance to ride.

Cousins-Kalysa and Alyssa

My sister has 4 kids. Obviously the twins are fraternal since they are a boy and a girl. I think it is pretty neat that Ashton looks like his oldest sister Alysa and Ashlynne looks like her other sister Aliyah(seen here).

Ashlynne was to busy to stay looking directly at the camera for long but here you can see the resemblance between her and Aliyah.
My brother is a truck driver and he happened to have his truck at the house. The kids got to each take a turn checking out the inside of the semi.

I love to see all the cousins together. I have such fond memories of a childhood filled with cousins and am so thankful my kids will have the same. There is nothing better than a day filled with fun and family(and cake!!)!!

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