Friday, November 27, 2009

More Hieroglyphics

Our next lesson in hieroglyphs called for us to make up our own pictures to represent words and write a sentence. Kenyon and Jacinta thought this was an impossible task until I showed them an example of just how easy it could be. They did not even need a key to determine what I was saying....

I love you.
You love pizza.

That was simple enough and they jumped right in to make their own.

Kenyon wrote "I hate school". That is ok. To hate it so much, he sure jumped into this project quick and didn't even have to think long about what to draw. He hates school so much that 3 nights last week I noticed his bedroom light on way after bedtime and found him working ahead on school (once on math, twice on language)-but anyway.....I will let him keep believing that I still believe that, for now. He was done with this picture before anyone else and then moved on to do another one. Granted, the second one said about the same thing but he went back to the chart in our book and drew each letter out.

Jacinta made a key to her words using paint but decided to go with markers for the sentence because they are so much easier to control.

I thought she did a great job. In case you can't read her key-I have two awesome best friends named Kaylie and Lizi.

The girls missed out on the paint the first time and sure did not want to miss out again. They wanted to know exactly what we were making and why. I went over the chart in the book with them and explained that these pictures were how the Egyptians wrote things down. They immediately got their own paper and got started as well.

Keslee decided to write her name using the key in the book. I thought she did a fabulous job considering she had to draw a lion for the L.

Kalysa did not get into the "ancient language" as much and decided to just paint a picture of mama with a heart.

I just really LOVE homeschooling!!!

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