Monday, November 16, 2009

Not so smooth sailing

Since Kalysa had her surgery, her healing has been moving right along as planned. Actually better than we all expected. That is until last Tuesday evening. Kalysa came to me and said "mom, something is kinda hurting." I looked at her leg and saw this....

(sorry if you get a little queasy over things like this). It is just what it looks like-INFECTION! My first instinct was to pop that sucker and get all the poison out and then doctor it up but since it is on the scar of a recent surgery, I decided to be a bit more cautious. I called the Shriner hospital and talked with her surgeon's nurse. She told me to take her to her local doctor and be sure they do a culture and get antibiotics. If things got worse they would bring us back to Louisiana. It was almost 5 pm so I called her local doctor and made an appointment for the next morning. The doctor had to pop it in order to do a culture and that is exactly what Kalysa did NOT want to happen. She started screaming at the top of her lungs as soon as they laid her down-before actually touching the area in question- and did not stop screaming until it was drained and cleaned and a band aid was applied. I can't believe it really hurt as much as she was letting on because it was so ready to pop they just had to poke the top with a tiny needle and everything came right out. She got a sticker and a sucker (supposedly for being so brave but since she was not very brave I have to believe it was more of a bribe so she won't hate the doctor :) ) and a prescription. The culture came back and it was just a regular run of the mill infection and not some scary MRSA or any other deadly thing-PRAISE THE LORD! Just about a week later it is back to looking like this....

It was a bit of a scare for a moment but now things are back to normal.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I am so glad that she is doing better after that. Hopefully that is the only bump in the road.
Love to all,

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