Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas presents in the making????

My friend, Paul....

who also has a paper route and is the brother of a friend from church, stopped by our house the other night with a treat for the kids(his niece and nephews were here also). He had been to some garage sales and bought himself 2 bunnies.

They were the cutes, softest things ever and the kids were THRILLED that he brought them by.

Of course they all wanted one. He was not even sure if he had bought males or females but upon closer inspection discover he had one of each. He promised the kids they could have a baby if he ended up with any.

After we learned the sexes, they needed some names. It ended up to be Romeo and Juliet. This is Juliet with Kenyon. Romeo has a gorgeous big fluff of hair right on top of his head and more color than Juliet

The kids carried them and brushed them and-although I did not catch it-I later learned they also dressed them up in doll clothes. They were so gentle and sweet. I jokingly told Monty that Paul had gotten the kids a rabbit and he was actually ok with it. He always accuses me of trying to make this place a zoo but I guess since Jasmine (the guinea pig) has passed on and Jefferson (the Tom cat) has disappeared he would be ok with a new pet. It is a good thing since Paul just let me know that Romeo and Juliet heard the kid's requests and have now started working on that ;) .

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Elizabeth said...

My Ethan would absolutely LOVE to have a bunny! He asks me nearly everyday, "Can I have a bunny for Christmas?"

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