Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A first for me

Kalysa was running around the house the other day looking like a little orphan...pretty dress on, no shoes or socks and her unbrushed hair going WILD...when Monty stopped her and told her to hop up in the hot seat. He grabbed a hair brush and the spray bottle of water and brushed her hair for her. Monty has brushed the girls hair a few times but only when it was absolutely mandatory because they were in school and I was at work. Being a man that shaves his head anytime it starts to get enough hair for the teeth of a comb to go through, he just does not have much experience with brushing hair. Especially long hair that hangs almost down to your behind, but he tackled Kalysa's flowing locks and actually enjoyed it.

This is more proof positive that she is a TOTAL daddy's girl...see that little smile on her face? This is the same child that screams out in pain each day we sit down to do hair BEFORE I ever touch the brush to her head. When daddy was doing it....not a single whimper!

Monty had so much fun with Kalysa that he called Keslee to the hot seat next. Her super curly locks were a little more of a challenge for him but he got it brushed and even put a pony tail in for her.

After Keslee's salon experience with dad, I was in the hot seat. Monty has never brushed my hair before. As a matter of fact, besides one hair dresser that cut my hair a few times in high school, no man has ever brushed my hair. I have always been the one doing other people's hair. I always loved to do my sister's hair when we were young. I had a friend in high school that had me come to her house every morning before school so that I could fix her hair. I have always done my children's hair. I have always cut Kenyon's hair. I have always cut my own hair. When I was in jr. high I went to school early to have a friend french braid my hair because she was the only one I knew that could do it at the time but besides that my mom and me are the only ones I really ever remember doing much to my hair. As I sat in the hot seat letting my husband brush my hair I realized...I like it! It is so relaxing to have someone else brush your hair. I just leaned back and closed my eyes and enjoyed the whole experience hoping it would not end to soon. Now I just have to figure out a way to get daddy's salon to open more often because I think I need a weekly appointment!!

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