Friday, December 11, 2009

So busy!!

Wow! It have been a very bad blogger! This time of year is just sooo busy, I haven't been able to find the time. Here is a brief update of what's been going on....

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. We went to my grandma's house. She had a broken hand and needed my help in the kitchen. I made a large part of the dinner (including the apple pie above) but she did the meat. My dad, his brother and wife, his other brother, grandma and the 5 of us spent the day together. The kids spent the day catching up on cartoons-we don't have cable and dad does so they were very excited to get to watch a little bit of Nickelodeon. The men watched some tv and it surprisingly did not consist entirely of football. Us ladies cooked, cleaned, talked, looked at pictures, and watched my grandma's wedding video. It was a very peaceful and relaxed day. Grandma even let the girls play with a few of her dolls which really made their day!! (Grandma collects dolls and NOBODY touches her dolls!!)

Of course the kids were ready to put the tree up as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes were done. Mama, on the other hand, would have been happy to wait a week or more!! They convinced daddy to get all the decorations down from the attic and since Monty drug them all down, he also got to be in charge of putting them together.
Kenyon was his faithful assistant and the 2 men got down to business and got the tree up. Of course you could not see the living room floor for a day or TWO, there is an extension cord running up the back of the tree because the lights were put on in a way that did not leave the cord available near the bottom of the tree to plug in and there were tree limbs left over at the end that I am positive go in there somewhere but hey.....

The tree is up and no one is the wiser. Once we got the decorations on, it is the prettiest tree ever and I am so proud of my 2 guys for taking charge.

We had another cousin's birthday party and this time it was at an ice skating rink. None of my kids had ever ice skated before and they had a blast. I am sure you noticed my new (blurry) picture at the top. When I tried taking action shots they were too dark so I had to use the night flash which did not do so great with the movements but I like it anyway.

The rink provided "walkers" for the beginners. The girls utilized those things most of the day but there were more beginners than there were walkers so they had to take turns.
Kenyon picked it up pretty quick and he was off like a flash not to be seen again except in a blur as he skated by saying "hi mom!" for most of the day. The best part of the entire day was when both girls had to give their walkers to waiting children and still did not have the confidence (or the balance) to make it around the rink of their own so.....

big brother came to the rescue and held their hands and skated them all over. I sooooo love moments like that!!! To have them fuss and fight so often at home. For Kenyon, who is all boy and loves anything that makes noise and a crying sister is noise so anyway to pick on them and make them scream out or cry is his favorite past time most days, to be so loving and gentle when his little sisters needed him....well it just brings a tear to this mama's eye. I'm gonna get all choked up and mushy now so I guess that is all the update for now. Enjoy this busy season but don't let the busy overshadow your family or the reason for the season. :)

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