Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

I have enjoyed several other mother's blogs about Not Me Monday. It is really encouraging to see that things do NOT happen in all of our lives that are not always ideal. I have never before participated but after today thought I may just need to jump on this band wagon.

So yesterday we had our Christmas program at church. One of the little shepherds did not want to sit still during the practice and was removed from the stage to sit on the front pew. When I was asked to lead the cast members to the fellowship hall for cookies and milk, I most certainly DID NOT forget that little boy was sitting on that pew. I did NOT leave him sitting there alone until all the other kids were finished with their cookies before I realized he was missing. The play was a success anyway and the kids did a great job.

Today I did NOT wake up with a sore throat so bad that I could barely talk because we all know that mama's can NOT get sick. I sure did NOT almost use a whole roll of toilet paper blowing my nose all day and I really did NOT take some antibiotics prescribed to my grandma. Everyone knows that you do NOT take other peoples prescriptions.

Kenyon and Jacinta got their school work done and it went pretty well. After they finished I did NOT set the girls down at the computer to play some math games and count it as their school day. While they were doing that, I sure did NOT go lay down and I did NOT fall asleep. I really did NOT sleep for about 4 hours. That would waste a whole afternoon that I could use to get lots of things accomplished. Although I was feeling better, my kids were NOT starving by the time I got up. Since the kids did NOT only have a sandwich for supper (I always cook full gourmet homemade meals) last night, I thought I better cook tonight. My family did NOT finally eat supper after 8:00 eerrr 9:00 eerrr 10:00 pm. That is craziness and way to late to be having supper!! While I was cooking, I did NOT set a 3 pound can of macaroni noodles on top of a canister after I opened it and it did NOT get knocked off the counter when Keslee was putting the dishes up. I mean, that would just be silly. I always put stuff away when I am finished using them so accidents like that won't happen.

I tell ya, I most certainly did NOT have Kalysa pick those noodles up and put them in a strainer in order to sift the dirt out that they may have gathered from the floor. First of all, my floor is always clean and we would never use food that has fallen on the floor anyway. Keslee did NOT run to her room crying because she made such a huge mess. We never stress over messes in this house and my kids never cry over spilled milk. I did NOT then ask my husband to finish putting the dishes away for her. He had just got home from a full days work so I would never expect him to do a household chore that I could easily do while I am right there cooking dinner anyway. When dinner finally was done , my kids did NOT have to eat in the living room because the school books were still all over the table from this afternoon.

We always put our school supplies back all nice and neat on the bookcase where they belong just as soon as we are finished with them. I am so glad that I do NOT have days that I feel compelled to promise my kids that I will be a better mama tomorrow as I tuck them into bed.

I did NOT wait so long to post this not me MONDAY that it is actually Tuesday now.

I think this may be the perfect time to enjoy a cup of hot tea! Thankfully I won a few different kinds from Amy and I got them in the mail just a few days ago (ain't she sweet!!). Well I sure would NOT make a cup of tea now and then go to bed while those school books are still on the table. Those books are sure NOT gonna still be there in the morning!!

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