Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kenyon the builder

I have wanted to get Kenyon a K-NEX set for the last several years but they are just so expensive if you want to get a set large enough to do any serious projects. This fall I found a huge set in the large plastic carry case about the size of a suitcase being sold second hand for just $10. It was a deal I could NOT pass up! We gave it to him for Christmas and he has been building ever since. So far he has built a motorcycle, a robot complete with moving arms and head, a helicopter with motorized propeller and tail ( I am so mad I did not get a photo of that one!! It was awesome and was at least 2 foot long and about a foot tall!).
His most recent project was this formula 1 car with a working steering wheel.

He will spend hours working on each project and he has been so proud to see what he has been able to accomplish. He has a large instruction booklet with tons of different designs and he will sit for hours working on each one. After a few days, he takes it all apart and starts something new. Now I know what a great investment it would have been if we would have buckled down and spent the money years ago to start a collection that we could have built up slowly. We may just have to continue building on his collection now because he wants to build bigger and better things each time. He would also love not to have to take each one apart in order to have enough parts to build the next one. Although Kenyon has had a total blast with his K-NEX, I don't think he ever intended this to happen....

No regular Barbie car can hold that many people!! Fun for the whole family! :)

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