Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frogs and popcorn everywhere

Anyone else out there that may be using My Father's World Creation to the Greeks will now get to see just how behind schedule we are but anyway...we have just finished our study of the 10 plagues. It has really been fun to study Egyptian history right along with our Bible study. It has taught us who was (most likely) the Pharaoh's daughter that found Moses in the river and what Pharaoh would have been (most likely) in control when Moses asked him to release the Hebrew people. Of course the Bible does not give us specific dates for these events but does give a pretty good time line that can then be used in conjunction with other recorded history. When a pharaoh from that time period has a tomb that was never completed and that his body was never put into and when it is documented that this same pharaoh had a son but upon his abrupt disappearance in history his nephew became the new pharaoh with no further mention of the son it just makes sense that the reasons are because he is at the bottom of the red sea and his son died in the 10th plague! That is the reason I LOVE My Father's World curriculum! It really shows "the rest of the story" by using the Bible side by side with other recorded history. For the first time in my life I feel like things really are starting to make sense. Some of the huge gaps and things left unexplained are starting to fill in and have explanations-and we are only in Exodus! I can't wait to learn more and more and more and finally get an explanation to some of the other things that I had chopped up as "guess we will never know"....Oh wait...I am supposed to be the TEACHER not the STUDENT.?! I guess it works for us all just the same only my kids will not have the same gaps so when they are grown and homeschool their own children :) they can spend all of their time growing and getting an even deeper understanding of our Lord because they won't be learning on the same level as their children like I feel I am sometimes. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING?! One thing that I really believe is important is that we all understand that the Bible is true. It is not a just book of stories but of actual events. Anytime I can try to make the Bible come to life so that the kids (and I ) can see what the people may have been through it is so awesome. When we were talking about the plagues I printed out a bunch of the little frog pictures and we cut them out and put them around the house. When Monty got home from work he found frogs in his supper, in the freezer, and on the computer. We got to talk about what it would have looked like and sounded like and smelled like it all of our paper frogs were real. We discussed what it would have been like if that were multiplied by thousands. I thought we had a pretty good visual until I read of another mom that went to Kinkos and printed out 5000 frogs and literally had them EVERYWHERE when her kids got out of bed and also played sounds of frogs on the stereo ALL DAY no matter how loud and annoying it all got. Now that is bringing the Bible to life! Since I read her story after we had already done our lesson Monty said no, I could not go print 5000 frogs. The way we did it was enough. I just stored that idea away and I did not remind him that the girls will be going through this same curriculum in a few years. :)
Once the Hebrew people were out of Egypt and in the wilderness, the Lord provided them with manna each day to eat.
My children woke up to a fresh layer of manna(popcorn) on the living room floor. They all love popcorn so this was just fine with them...until it was time for lunch. Lunch-what do you mean? You still have plenty of popcorn! Yep! They had to eat popcorn and nothing but popcorn for breakfast, snacks and lunch! Thirsty ya say....

Hit the rock and then pour you a good ol' cup of water out of it! Nope, sorry! Moses' rock did not flow with kool-aid-only water! When I explained that this was the meal they had every day for 40 years but we would only be doing it for 40 days, just like true little Israelites, the kids all started in with the murmuring and complaining! It was a great lesson in being thankful for what is provided! Of course because I am sure the manna God provided was a little more healthy than microwave popcorn, we only did it for 1 day. They all enjoyed a normal supper that evening. I totally ♥ homeschooling!! Where else can a discussion of Moses interceding for the children of Israel turn into a discussion about Barack Obama and then on to research about Charles Manson? Don't ask me how it happened, but it did!

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