Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time for a wedding

My girls love High School Musical. They also love playing barbies. They were both very happy to learn that the High School Musical characters have been made into Barbie dolls. Keslee got the Troy and the Gabriella doll for Christmas and Kalysa has Sharpe and Kelsey. They are not really the same as the characters you will see in the movies because our Troy is a preacher and these Barbies go to church almost every day in the play room. Just in case you wonder what ever became of GI Joe, he has also become a preacher ever since the girls discovered that their brother had 2 GI Joe dolls that he never really played with much and they are really short on boy Barbie dolls. Well today Troy and Gabriella are getting married. Bet you did not realize that Gabriella had always planned on being a preacher's wife, did ya? Only problem is....we do not have any Barbie size wedding dresses........

so a box of Kleenex and several safety pins will have to work!
The entire wedding party is decked out in their white paper gowns for the wedding of the year. And I know the perfect wedding singers to hire for the occasion....
Kalysa got a High School Musical karaoke microphone for her birthday, It plugs right into the TV and shows scenes from the movie behind the words to 10 different songs as it plays the music. You can sing along with the song and hear your voice through the television's speakers. It has been a constant concert here for the past few weeks.

Did I mention that daddy LOVES all three High School Musical movies at least(if not more) than the girls do??!! Oh, yea! You know he had to take his turn on the mic!! Some people may make fun of a grown man that enjoys High School Musical movies and knows and sings along with all the songs but I tell you what, I am so thankful to have a husband that can be rolling around on the floor wrestling with his son one minute and then sitting in the living room floor with two girls on his lap singing "You are the music in me" the next minute!

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Elizabeth said...

Daddy with the mic! LOL!! cute, cute.

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