Tuesday, May 18, 2010


♪♪♫insert pomp and circumstance....♫♪♫

Isn't he handsome!?! That is my baby brother John. My baby brother that is now 18 years old and.....

a high school graduate!

Yep! He got his diploma even though he kept us guessing until the last minute. He went to a Christian school and they use the ACE paces. In the last WEEK of school, John finished a 15 page term paper and 10 paces. TEN PACES. And not easy paces but in classes like Algebra 2 and senior English. He did a few months worth of work in 1 week and we were all on pins and needles until we talked to him at 4pm on the last day of school and learned that he finished it all! He made it and did get to graduate! Not only that, he finished on the B honor roll just 1/10 of a point from an A. That is based on ACE grade scale-not the normal public school scale. He had to make a 93.4 average to get an A. Proof that my brother can and WILL do whatever he puts his mind to!
Here he is with his fellow graduates. Yes, he was the only senior boy. John has been a big flirt since he was about 2 years old so I am sure that he was not bothered by that at all! ☺

It was so good to get to see everybody. This is John and Heath(his cousin) with Brother Jayson. Brother Jayson is just the most awesome music director a church could ever have. He is also the writer/singer of about 20 of the greatest God honoring songs I have ever heard. Unfortunately, God saw fit to call him and his wonderful family out of his music director position at our church into a full time youth director position a few hours away. I guess it was about time he put that Bible college degree to work but we sure miss them all!

Not sure what was up with all the guys holding each other. When I got my camera back, I found John holding Heath, Heath holding John, Jayson holding Heath and John, John holding Chris, Chris holding John and maybe some others. Looks like they were all having fun so I guess that is what counts. I have also said understanding my boy is my biggest challenge. If these boys are any indication, it will be a never ending challenge.

John and his fellow graduates out of their caps and gowns.

John's buddies all came to watch him graduate.

My grandad (mom's dad) had come down a few days earlier because he has an older sister that is not doing well. He made the trip down from Washington to see her one last time. He spent the week with us here and got to watch his youngest grandson(not counting the GREAT grandsons) graduate. Don't know when the last time was that my mama got a picture of herself with her daddy and ALL of her 6 kids. AAAWWWW....good times!!

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