Saturday, June 27, 2009

Till death do us part

Well, it is official-Monty thinks I have completely lost it. When he got home from work last night I asked "Honey? I have to ask you a question. Are you ready and willing to revoke our state marriage license?"
"WHAT!?! So you want to get a divorce?!? I DON"T THINK SO!"
Let me explain....

I got my No Greater Joy magazine this week and it contained a very interesting article by Michael Pearl titled "Holy Matrimony". He talked about the history of marriage. Of course marriage is the oldest institution on earth having been created by God with Adam and Eve. There was no preacher to preform a ceremony and there sure wasn't a judge around. Marriage was a covenant between a man and a woman. As a matter of fact, judges and preachers were not a part of marriage for the first 5 centuries. It wasn't until the Catholic church, in their fight to stop protestants, ruled that only marriages performed by a priest in the church would be valid. This was the first transfer of marital authority from the hands of the people to the hands of the church. The next step was to transfer that authority to the state in the form of state issued marriage license. God is the one that brings 2 people together and no man is supposed to be able to put that union asunder. As Mr. Pearl points out "To receive from the state a license to marry is to acknowledge the state's supremacy over marriage. What it licenses, it can un-license." Now that the state has taken the authority to grant permission for couples to marry, they are in control of deciding who qualifies. Although marriage has been between a man and a women in every country, in every culture, and in every religion since the beginning of time the state is now redefining it to include homosexuals. Several states have already accomplished this and more will follow. Since their state issued license is the same as mine(except for the fact there are no longer signatures for the bride and groom but rather subject A and subject B) essentially they are saying that my marriage is the same-both legal and licensed. Only problem is God says no it is not! Mine is ordained by God and theirs is an abomination before God. We are not going to be able to stop the government from redefining marriage-just look at California, "we the people" said no but the government said yes and they are still in a heated battle-plus our president has said he is committed to overturning DOMA, Bush's act to protect marriage. Michael Pearl proposes that when your state does join in the same sex marriage parade, write to your state and revoke the state issued marriage license they issued. This is not a divorce but an acknowledgement that the state did not/does not/and will not have jurisdiction over your marriage. You can then write a document (or covenant) between you and your spouse including when and where your marriage took place ordained by God until death do you part and have it notarized and filed at the court house. Mr. Pearl has asked for any lawyer that may read his magazine and who is willing to draw up a private contract document that can be offered for free to contact him. He also shared that all but one of his children have been married by private contract instead of state issued license and they all have status of being legally married.

So I say-Makes perfect sense to me! We have been indoctrinated so heavily by the government our whole lives, we do not even question the fact that we essentially asked permission to get married. We asked the STATE if it was ok to marry the person that GOD had brought to us. God says it is not good for man to be alone. God says the man leaves his parents and cleaves to his wife. God says two shall become one. Why are we asking the state for permission to do what God has already ordained and has told us to do? Who's authority are we supposed to live our lives under? I know we must give to Caesar what is Caesar's but our marriage belongs to God not the government. Our children belong to God not the government. Our hearts belong to God not the government. Why are we so willing to hand our lives over to man but it is "radical" to give our life back to the One that gave it to us?

Monty is still pondering my newest "anti-government-pro Bible, extreme and unconventional" kinda thought but he is used to it. I have them quite often and love sharing them-hmmm I really should start carrying my camera when I first ask him these things-that's fun times:). I am not trying to change him(like I discussed earlier that I sometimes do) but advance both of our thoughts to be more centered on God and His plan for our family. Since I am the one with a little more time (and desire) for reading, I come across lots of different notions. I just plant the seeds and God does the rest and since we live in one of the most conservative states in the country he probably has a few years longer than others to contemplate before this one is an issue. I tell ya-between me and God-we'll make a fundamentalist outta that man yet-hehehe!

update:I have found several more articles concerning state issued licenses and the fact that we do not need them. Here is one of them.


DownSouth HouseWife said...

I just read the Pearl article and my husband and I are going to revoke our license.
Mindy McCoy-Ga

Anonymous said...

OOOOH! I haven't received my issue yet, and now I can't wait to read it!!!! Very, very interesting and point on! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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