Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The River Runs Through it...

Through our town that is. Oklahoma got lots of rain yesterday. Lots meaning more than 10 inches in just a few hours. The kids and I spent yesterday in front of the tv watching firefighters in boats rescue stranded motorist after stranded motorist from the rising water. Several of the poor people actually had to swim from their submerged car and hang in a nearby tree until help arrived. Monty spent about a hour on the highway trying to get to work. He only got what would normally be about 15 minutes away before he had to turn back and come home for the day. The highway was closed. We knew then that we would be flooded in the next day or two. When all the water drains off in Oklahoma city and the surrounding area, it drains into the cottonwood creek. The creek that just happens to go straight through our town. About 8 pm yesterday, our sirens were sounding and the creek was rising.

Our local police officers keep a close watch on the creek and were ready and waiting to keep all our local residents safe.

The signs started popping up all over.

The news stations all came out to get the story.

And the river banks broke free. You can see the large bridge in the background. Under it is where the cottonwood normally flows. This bridge also divides the east side of town from the west side. Over here, on the west side, we have 1 gas station that is not affected by the water and the hospital. The east side has the grocery stores, wal-mart, all the restaurants, and the entrances to the highway to go to Oklahoma city. So basically, we are stuck at home!

I went to this gas station yesterday to fill up before the water came out. They were busy emptying the lower shelves in the store and the freezer. They will spend the next few days with a squeegee and mops getting rip of the Oklahoma red mud.

The news camera men will do whatever is needed to get their shot.

Including wading in red, muddy, knee-high water.

I lived here until I was 7 but my grandma Brock always lived here so we were here often. Monty and I have lived here for 12 years. I only remember one time when I was young that I actually saw the floods come out. My kids have now got to see the flood waters every summer for the past 3 years. They have been out for over 12 hours now. As soon as they recede, I have to go pick up the newpapers I was unable to get to last night and go throw my route. Guess we better load up now and go check it out.

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Susan said...

We lived in Ft. Worth for 11 years and had some localized flooding like this one year. In fact, it was the first spring we lived there! It was scary! Stay safe!

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