Thursday, June 17, 2010


I found this guy on the side of the road this morning while I was doing my paper route. This is the after math of our floods. A poor homeless river turtle washed to land. I have seen several turtles on the roads in the last few days but this guy is the largest. Luckily he was only about 10 feet from the bridge that flows over a little creek. I am sure it will not take him to long to find his way home. Of course he could be miles from his original home, but he will find a home none the less. It just makes me think of how so many times life has a way of picking us up from where we are comfortable and happy at a time we were not planning on moving and then dropping us off in a new place that we had never intended to go. Lucky for us, the Lord knows the plan. He knows where we should be and when. He knows that sometimes it takes a storm to get us there. We just have to trust Him, toughen up our shell and seek His guidance on where to go from there.
WOW! We could learn a lot from a turtle.


Persuaded said...

Girl, I loved this post! Occasionally, I have little-lost-turtle-days myself... and the next time I do, I'll think of this article and be encouraged♥

Thanks for sharing... and you children are just beautiful!

char said...

I am so glad I could encourage you. Funny thing is, when I posted this picture, I was just gonna show a huge turtle I found on the road. I had no plan of an encouraging post. But while the picture was loading I started wondering where this big guy actually came from. How far had the floods brought him and then the words just came to me. Guess the Lord knew someone would stop by here that may need more than just a picture. ♥ char

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