Tuesday, June 8, 2010

He is moving in!

You may remember my dad's best friend, Cash. He has been dad's best friend and companion for the past couple of years. Dad is a truck driver and Cash has spent his life on the road with him. When dad first got Cash, he was going through a divorce. Since he had renters living in his house, they stayed with us on their weekends home. Our house is the only home Cash has ever known besides the truck. Now that dad is back in his own house, Cash still stays with us when they are not on the road. He will not stay in dad's yard. My grandma lives with my dad and she does not like letting a dog in the house or on her furniture. Since Cash has never been told that he is a dog, keeping him off the couch or out of the bed is near impossible.
About 2 weeks ago, when dad and Cash showed up, they brought in more luggage than normal. Cash just watched dad as he unloaded his bed(complete with his coat because Cash likes to curl up under it.)
Next came his own little food and water bowls.
Even his bag of food and treats came in this time (since we have dogs as well dad normally did not bring his food home every time.)
You could tell that poor Cash just did not understand what was going on. These were things that never left the truck...he always had everything he needed here. I am sure he also did not understand why dad gave him more hugs and had tears in his eyes when he left. Cash knows dad always comes back in a day or 2 to pick him up-why all the drama???
Unfortunately one of the other drivers has a Rottweiler that rode with him. He left his truck (with his dog still in it) for the mechanics to repair something. When the mechanic opened the door the dog attacked resulting in 37 stitches in the mechanics face. Luckily the man is expected to be ok but now none of the drivers are allowed to take their dogs. Dad was heartbroken and is missing Cash more now than he ever expected.
Dad wanted to make the transition as easy as possible for his little buddy so he brought all of his favorite things, including this stuffed referee doll.

As you can tell, Cash really loved that referee!
I know he misses dad just as much as dad misses him. He watches at the front door. If he hears a car pull up, he runs just knowing it is dad coming to get him. He has started running out every time the door is open to get into the car with us. He just wants to go. We take him when we can but I know it is not the same for him. Dad has not lost hope. All the guys in the office know and love Cash and dad uses every opportunity he has to try to get them to ok him bringing Cash back to work. Until then, he will be staying with us.


Anonymous said...

How sweet you are to take him in. Hope dad can get him back to truckin soon!

Love ya,
Amy B

char said...

Dad is sure hoping so to. He calls all the time to check on him. He is worse than a momma leaving her baby with the babysitter. hehehe

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