Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sew happy I got it all done!

Kenyon has gone to church camp for the last several years. This year, Keslee and her friend Gabby were finally old enough. They were sooooo excited. At our church camp, the kids are all expected to dress modestly, which is really no different for my kids than how they dress everyday anyway. Gabby wears skirts or dresses all the time but has never really liked culottes. Church camp involves LOTS of play time and in order to not show the parts that should stay covered, culottes are a lot easier for the girls during play time. Mamie, Gabby's mom, bought some material that Gabby liked and I was able to make Gabby and Keslee matching outfits for the whole week. They LOVED them!
This material is some I had gotten for Keslee and Kalysa. They have the pink panther all over them. I had enough left for 1/2 a pair for Gabby so I used some pink for the other side.
Now all three girls can match.
These are some pink John Deere. There was enough to make 1/2 for Kalysa so I will add one side of plain pink and she will have a pair also.
Keslee and Gabby also had a striped pair and Kalysa got 1/2 stripe 1/2 pink.
I think their favorite is the High School Musical! Kalysa will also get a pair with one 1/2 blue. Keslee and Gabby made sure they had each of their new outfits packed in order so they could wear the same ones each day of camp.
I also was able to make Kenyon new pants for each day of camp. They will be a lot cooler than blue jeans. He has one pair of red checks and one pair of green checks.
There was enough left to make Keslee and Kalysa each a pair of 1/2 red and 1/2 green.

These are Kenyon's favorite (and mine too!) I got all the rest of the material they had and there was only enough to make 3 of the 4 pieces needed. I had to use just black on one leg and I think they turned out so cool. You can't really tell but the design is basketballs, footballs and soccer balls with flames.

I found one piece of this Dallas Cowboy material in the scrap bin and it was just enough to make Kenyon a pair of sleeping shorts. Now you know-these are Monty's favorite.
Kenyon also got a pair with red and white stripes. He calls these his circus pants because they remind him of a circus tent.
There was just enough left to make Kalysa a matching pair.

One of my favorites is this brown plaid. It just looks so preppy and I was so glad that I had enough to make all 3 kids a pair.
When I said I was busy last week, this is why! I got all of this done last week in time for the kids to go to camp. Each of their suitcases were packed full of new clothes and now everyone should be set for clothes through the summer. I have had so much fun having my sewing machine and being able to make my kid's clothes. I have one more sewing project I am sooo proud of but I will do a separate post for it in the next day or so.

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