Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its whats for dinner

The faucet that I use to turn my sprinkler on is on the outside of the fence so I don't actually check my garden every day even though I water it. Just a few days ago I noticed a couple of the squash blooms were turning from bloom to real life vegetables. I thought I better check it out and man am I glad I did!

Aren't they the most perfect and beautifulest things you ever saw in your whole entire life!!??!! I know-me too!

The clear ruler doesn't do so great for pictures but that baby is between the 8 and 9 inch mark. I still can not believe I did it. I actually have grown something all-by-my-self! Not only did I grow it but....WE ATE IT(one of them anyway) and it was gooooood! ☺
That is just so cool!
Monty always claimed that he hated squash but a few years ago I got him to try it my way and guess what...-I slice it up really thin and steam it until it is really soft and then melt some butter on it-He loved it! Sometimes I will slice some potatoes really thin (skin and all) and steam them with the squash. That is one of our family's faves! After he realized that he DID like squash I got him to try some fried squash and he likes that as well. Now I am just waiting on the fresh okra to grow. Not sure what I am gonna have to do to get him to try that but I am convinced that anyone that doesn't like okra obviously has not tried it. He swears he has but I have never seen him. If not, that will just leave more for me and the kids!
Yall have a good day and if anyone needs me, I will be staring at my beautiful squash for a while!

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Mobenda said...

We like the squash sliced up, and sauteed just a little with onions and garlic, then baked in a casserole with corn, green chiles and cheese. Yum! You can add zucchini, to it, too. Double yum! Congrats on a great garden.

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