Friday, April 10, 2009

I am back with Spiritual Gifts for Everyone!

Okay! So I have been gone from the bloggy world for a little while. We have been SOOOO busy, I haven't had time to take a breath(not to mention no time for laundry, dishes etc etc). We had our missions conference at church from Saturday thru Wednesday. It was A LOT of fun and I will post more detailed stories later, only problem was the fellowship. Don't get me wrong-it was great. I really had a great time with the missionaries and their wives. This time they were all involved in our church while they were here-they taught Sunday school and children's church and worked in the nursery. It really made them more part of our family and you know what you do when you have family that you will only get to see for a few days and maybe NEVER again-you stay and hang out and talk and play games and ya don't get home until 11:30pm EVERY. NIGHT. FOR. FIVE. NIGHTS. IN. A. ROW!!!! I Just Need A Breather!! I did find this really cool survey for you ALL to take. You just answer about 100 questions-it really does not take very long-and it will tell you about your spiritual gifts. It tells which ones are your strongest ones and which ones are your weakest and then gives you ways to use those gifts in your church. I learned somethings about myself that I did not realize-I don't know why I did not realize, they made perfect sense and even now that I look at it, my strongest gift is the one I naturally use a lot at church but never realized I was really using a gift. It always was just what I like to do and I guess I just thought of it as "That's just how I am" instead of "That is a gift God gave me" which really is the whole point of spiritual gifts anyway right!? They are who you are!?! Not sure if I am making any sense to anyone but myself so yall go over and take the survey and we can discuss more later about what each of our gifts really are and if you knew yours without the survey.

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