Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keslee Gillian

On the 12th of April, my Kessie-Boo turned 7. I can't believe she is already seven years old. My own birthdays don't make me feel near as old as my kid's birthdays do! So almost 8 years ago, I was pregnant with my second baby. Kenyon was almost 4 years old and ALL boy. That kid never stopped and was into (and on top of) EVERYTHING! That is why it took me sooo long to decide I was ready for another baby. I wanted a baby girl so bad. I just knew this time had to be a girl. When I was only about 11 or 12 weeks pregnant, the doctor was concerned about the place the placenta was attached so he ordered an ultrasound. This was a MAJOR bummer for me! Maybe I have mentioned before but I have a high tendency to be a control freak. I like to plan. I need a plan!! How could I PLAN on having this baby without knowing the sex!? You know insurance companies only pay for 1 ultrasound and 11 weeks was too early to tell much about the baby(well except for hearts beating and major organs all where there should be but that stuff I already knew! I needed to know-BOY OR GIRL!) I was also planning on have a v-back. I had a c-section with Kenyon and really did not want to do that again. I wanted to do it the normal way. Well my doctor was not really big on that idea. He did not like to take the chance. He explained that there is about a 1% chance of the uterus rupturing and although that seems so minimal now, while I had a baby growing inside of me depending on me to get it here safely-1% all of a sudden sounded like a HUGE risk that I did not want to take with my baby so I agreed to another c-section. This pregnancy was not going as PLANNED (and of course my next one was even MORE off the plan!). I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy for the most part. I wasn't sick like I had been with Kenyon. I felt good most of the time until the third trimester and then she was laying in a way that really KILLED my hips! I couldn't sit, stand or even lay comfortably for long. One of my favorite memories of being pregnant with Kes was at about 8 months along during a thunderstorm. I was laying in bed when a HUGE thunder crashed. You know the kind that shakes the house and feels like the cloud is about 2 feet over your roof when it hits? Well my sleeping baby awoke and JUMPED about a foot inside my belly. It was the strangest but most awesome feeling! We definitely knew there was nothing wrong with this babies hearing! Well since God new about my need to know things so I can plan accordingly-the company I worked for changed insurance companies in the middle of the year. Whatta ya know! New insurance company=1 paid ultrasound! I had the next ultrasound at about 37 weeks and it was very clear that YES! it was a baby girl. A baby girl with big chubby cheeks and big enough to see EXACTLY what she looked like on the fuzzy ultrasound. It was the most awesome sight! Ultrasounds are just really cool anyway-getting to see a developing baby months before you would ever meet them but to see one the size of a newborn and big enough to see every detail of their little face-AWESOME! The test also estimated her to already be over 8 pounds so we scheduled her delivery for the next week. There is something to say about having a baby with no labor and really no pain. I went into the hospital that morning and my doctor came during lunch and we had a baby in a matter of minutes-12:21pm only weighing 7lbs and 7 ounces and GORGEOUS! I got to be awake this time and Monty was in the delivery room with me. I got to hear her cry and Monty got to be with her as they did her apgar tests and then she was handed straight to me. I got to hold her as I was wheeled back to my room. It was so peaceful and calm and not anything like the emergency c-section I had with Kenyon. Since my muscles had not been contracting at all before the surgery and the epidural had a 24 hour pain block in it-I literally had NO pain! A few hours after she was born I was sitting indian style in the bed and never felt uncomfortable at all.(also I had stitches this time where as I had staples the 1st time. If you ever have abdominal surgery-request stitches! I believe they made a world of difference!!) Keslee likes to hear the story of how I had her and never had pain but with Kenyon and Kalysa I was in pain for hours. Keslee was an easy pregnancy, an easy birth and has really always been my easiest child-so tender hearted and loving where the other 2 have a definite stubborn streak!

Well now my baby is SEVEN! My how the time flies! This year, since the month has been so busy anyway and her birthday was on Easter day, we just had some cupcakes at home with the family after church and gave her the one present she had wanted since the 1st time she saw it(about 4 years ago!)....
BABY ALIVE! (which I found on sale for about $20 off the regular price;)) She named her Kate.
Of course after being in that box for so long she must have been hungry and being the good little mama that Keslee is-she had that baby eating within 2.3 seconds of getting everything out of the box!!

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