Monday, April 27, 2009

Missions conference

As promised at the first of the month, here is some news from our missions conference. We had the best time ever. Our preacher has 4 missionary families come. We had a dinner at church every night from Saturday until Wednesday. We had a missionary headed to Australia, one going to Venezuela, one headed to the inner city of Philadelphia and one that travels around America helping others plant new churches. Preacher had us decorate the walls of our new fellowship hall for each of the mission fields represented. We had a great time of fellowship and really got to know the missionary families better than ever before. We had a different missionary preach each night. They all taught different Sunday school classes on Sunday morning and teach each class in children's church. The kids were all involved with getting to know the missionaries and where they were going and why. It was truly the BEST conference I have ever been to. On Saturday our preacher had arranged for some special guests to be there is honor of the missionary families and the fields they are going to. Every one of the messages we heard that week was really great. I am not going to try to relay each message here but there was lots of teaching on the whys and hows of missions, faith in God and trusting God for everything! Here are some photos ...

Preparing the "Eucalyptus tree" for the Australia wall.

The Australia wall with the tree and Kangaroo

duck billed platypus, Australia map and flag

The coral reef

The Koala bear

riding on the back of a large tortoise

Keslee with the baby alligator

Mrs Connie with the HUGE snake

Keslee with the cockatoo

The best(in my opinion) was the baby Kangaroo. He was still in a pouch and would never have been out of his mother's pouch if she were not sick. He was SOOOO cute and softer than anything I have ever felt-softer than rabbit fur.

There was also a baby wallaby in a pouch but that photo did not come out. It was such a special time and something we(especially the kids) will not soon forget.

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