Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tax Day Field Trip

On April 15th, tax day, the kids and I took a field trip to the state capital to participate in the Tea Party. It was really a great opportunity for a history lesson. We have not covered American history yet, so nobody had heard of the Boston tea party. We looked up lots of information on line and saw pictures(or drawings) of the tea being thrown in the harbor. We learned about how the governments role is supposed to be to protect the United States not to provide healthcare, stimulate the economy, bail out bad business deals, etc. The kids understand, more than many adults, that they want to be able to keep what they earn and therefore want others to be able to do the same. We also discussed how just like we were all learning about the Boston Tea party, someday they will be teaching their own children about the Tea Parties of 2009. They were apart of history in the making and are also learning how to stand up for what you believe. Here are some photos of our day...
John partying like it is 1773
Jacinta-this Obama nation is an Abomination
Keslee-Don't I get a chance at freedom?
Kenyon-Stop spending my $money$

We had between 3000-7000 people show up in OKC.

I loved this one-Don't socialize medicine-they can't cure stupid!

Looking at the masses of people standing up for freedom!

Kalysa-dont make me pay your bills-I'm just 6

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