Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A little fun at the library

Last Thursday we had a library day. We always have a good time at the library and end up spending at least 2 hours for the 4 of us searching through books and movies trying to find just the right ones to bring home for the week. Well it just so happened that there was extra fun at the library and we happened to get there just in time for an ice cream social (who's gonna pass up free ice cream?!) and face painting. Keslee was all for the face painting and even choose to have her face painted BEFORE she got ice cream.

She got 2 big pink butterflies-one on each cheek-photo was taken post accidental rubbing with the back of her hand.
Now Kenyon is pretty shy-ok, that is a lie-Kenyon is VERY shy and does not like to do anything that may draw extra attention to him and cause him to momentarily become the center of attention so it took some convincing-sorry...another lie...I don't know what my problem is today-it took some bribery to get him to sit in that chair and get paint put on his face,

but when the lady said she could do a fire breathing dragon-he was all about it!

He had flames shooting across his forehead and he thought that was about the coolest thing possible. I thought she did a great job and it was so fun to see him loosen up and make a spectacle of himself and really enjoy it.
Kalysa takes after her big brother in a lot of ways and the whole shyness thing is one of them. I had to pull out the ol' bribery trick once again-I ain't gonna lie no more...she got extra computer time when we got home-and she finally decided to get some balloons.

The strings wrapped across her chin and ended with a big bow tying them together at the base of her other cheek-so cute!
Being thirty-blahblah years old, I don't ever remember having my face painted as a child-unless you want to count a few times I dressed as a clown for halloween-but I mean never anything as cool as butterflies and dragons. It just wasn't something that we did way back in the eighties, so...

WHAT? You didn't really think I was gonna miss out on all the fun did ya? NO WAY! I got my own little bouquet of flowers to sport for the rest of the day! and yes!-we did have to go to Wal-mart after the library and EVERYBODY loved my flowers!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! What FUN~HA! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Love the pics. Glad you had so much fun.

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