Monday, June 1, 2009

Butterfly Wings and Fairy Dust

Kalysa hates bugs. No I mean she really HATES bugs. Any thing that could ever be counted as a bug-those are the ones that Kalysa really hates. She will pass up playing outside with a neighborhood full of kids if she sees too many bugs near by. Running through the sprinkler or playing on the slip and slide will be abandoned in a second if a little bee happens to stop for a drink of nectar from a near by flower. That's it-it's over-she's is in the house for the day! She is perfectly content to stay inside and pull out the Dora house furniture and all the dolls and play by herself. When the glass front door is covered with moths and June bugs and any number of other little flying insects (especially now that summer is here and we are out past dark more often ), Kalysa will not walk up the steps of the porch to go inside. She will wait at the bottom of the steps keeping a close eye on every move made be every flying creature making quick calculations of just how close is TOO close and preparing to run for cover until Kenyon comes back outside(just realizing she never made it in the house and instantly knowing why) and picks her up and carries her in the house. She does not seem to have a problem going through the same insect infested area she was avoiding as long as she is in her big brother's arms. It drives me crazy that she hates bugs so much. I don't like my kids to have irrational fears(scared of the dark-scared of ghost-scared of bugs-scared of dogs-scared of their shadow...). I would go so far as to say that I don't allow my kids to have irrational fears. I do every thing I can to make them face their fears, see how silly the fear really is, get over it and move along. So why does Kalysa still have this fear? Well it is like this-She is the baby of the family. She has 4 other people that want to take care of her and she takes full advantage of it. Even more than the fact that she is her mama's baby or her daddy's baby...she is a BABY SISTER to 2(refer back to bug on porch story). So that would explain why Keslee was jumping and running ALL over the living room. She looked like some little ninja girl in the heat of a serious battle because a moth had found it's way into the house and was minding it's own business flying around the light fixture BUT Kalysa wanted it GONE. Keslee would jump with arms wailing and legs flying trying every trick in her little pink book to catch this one lonely moth to save her baby sister from the terrible possibility of.?.?.of?.?of what exactly???...oh yea-Being in the same room as a moth. That little moth put up quit a fight to. He used all eight feet of available space between the floor and the ceiling trying to escape the wrath of a 4 foot BIG sister. It took Keslee a good ten minutes but she finally got that little guy tuckered out enough that he lost his concentration-or he got a little arrogant from having avoided her reach for so long-and accidentally landed within her reach and she caught him (much to Kalysa's delight!). After she disposed of him outside, she came to the kitchen to wash her hands.....

Kes:Mom I got dust on my fingers from that moth's wings. What is it?
Me:It is some kind of powder. Butterflies and moths have it on their wings. They can't fly if you wipe it off.
Kes:But what is it?
Me:I guess it is their own type of fairy dust.
Kes:Since it is on my fingers...does that mean I could fly right now?
Kalysa:TRY IT KES!! TRY IT!!!
Keslee begins frantically flapping arms-to no avail:(

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