Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My girls are just NOT normal!!!

Besides some serious hockey players, do you know anyone that has knocked out any of their teeth? I grew up with a sister and 2 brothers and we had our crazy childhood moments with bicycle wrecks, wrestling matches, jumping off various things(porches, backs of trucks, fences, hay stacks, homemade bike ramps etc.). We all played backyard football and baseball, you know the kind with NO RULES. We even played baseball using a metal bat and a flat basketball a few times-ok, that one did result in 7 stitches above my right eye-boy those bats really ricochet fast off basketballs, trust me!! My point it that we were typical rowdy, rough and tumble kids that took too many risks and sometimes felt invincible but not one of us ever had a tooth knocked out. I had stitches twice-once during the baseball game and once at girl scout camp when I was helping move a large sheet of tin so the younger girls did not get hurt on it-go figure. I broke my ankle my sophomore year of college on some ice and my brother broke his ankle during a high school football game but never did we knock out teeth. My little brother Chris even got hit by a car once but he kept all his teeth. I remember one girl I went to school with getting a tooth knocked out. We had an all night lock-in at the skating rink with girl scouts or church one and there was a collision between a couple of girls and a tooth came out then. I have always thought of knocking out teeth as an exception and not the rule of a normal childhood. Well apparently my girls are not normal!

Not too long ago, I told you about our trip to the ER when Kalysa knocked out her front tooth in a skateboard incident. I alluded to the fact that Keslee had only lost one tooth to date and it was also knocked out. Hers happened when she was about 2 years old. Jacinta (my sister) was playing with the cutest little 2 year old and was having her jump off the cedar chest/coffee table into her arms. Keslee was having a grand ole time until Jacinta missed or dropped or something and Keslee hit her mouth right on the wooden handle to the recliner. Her tooth (bottom left side) was knocked out and hanging by a string. I rushed home (I had been at work, Monty called me) and then rushed her to the dentist where they put the tooth back in hoping that it would tighten up and come out again a few years later. Well that did not happen-she was TWO-it ended up falling back out that night and so she has had a hole there for 5 years still waiting on the permanent tooth. Luckily it is on the side and not the front so most people never notice and it has never bothered her. She now has her first official loose tooth now-and it is loose naturally:).
Well, a few days ago, Keslee and Kalysa were playing cowgirls and riding stick horses all around the house. Since we do not officially have any stick horses, they made their own with golf clubs tied to a belt for the reins. We have a few golf clubs that the kids are allowed to play with and then we have daddy's clubs. They know which ones they can play with-although I don't have a clue-so I assumed they had "their" clubs. Apparently I was wrong and when daddy saw what was transpiring he told them to put his clubs up instantly. Knowing that they were in trouble, they were both quick to obey. Kalysa had ahold of the reins and as she tried to hurriedly dismount her stead, the head of that horse/club swung up and popped her in the mouth effectively knocking out her bottom front tooth. I have mentioned before that we are not a family of early tooth losers. I did not loose my first tooth until I was seven and Kenyon was the same way. Keslee just turned 7 in April and now has her first loose tooth. Kalysa has never mentioned a tooth feeling loose or hurting when she eats an apple of anything so I never considered checking hers. When I first looked in her mouth to check out the damage, I thought that she had knocked her tooth back because there was a tooth there but upon closer inspection I noticed that the tooth was quiet a bit larger than any of her baby teeth-By George-her permanent tooth was already taking it's place. That baby tooth was ready to come out anyway and a new tooth was well on it way into that space! It was a relief to know that she was not gonna be toothless (at least in one hole) for a year or more waiting on the arrival of a tooth that was not prepared to appear yet but I really would like her to try the normal way from now on. You a loose tooth...feel so grown up because your baby teeth are ready to come out...spend days wiggling it with your fingers...finally it is loose enough that you constantly wiggle it with your tongue... finally it is just hanging on by a string but still be terrified to just pull it....daddy threaten to yank it the rest of the way out...scream and cry with dread...have dad come at ya with the pliers...not open her mouth around dad at all for fear he will finally feel something floating around in your mouth and discover that the last tiny string finally broke and freed you tooth. Yeah! Why can't my girls do something like that like us normal people?


SAHMinIL said...

Well at least they aren't swallowing them! Mine kids have swallowed their teeth, not once, but twice. (both kids mind you) They are 7 and almost 8 so the baby teeth are coming out. I NEVER seen or heard of anyone swallowing teeth, until my kids. To me that's just NOT normal!!

Anonymous said...

Heaven had her top two teeth both knocked out when she was 4, at different times, the first time Will was running through the house with a dump truck, and ran into her, the second time will was playing, and accidently kicked her in the mouth. She is 7 now and still no permant teeth.

And then when Will was a baby he hit his tooth on a coffee table and it killed the root/nerve? the tooth discolored, and then chipped away to nothing, he had a gap for years, his new tooth came in when he was 7 or 8.

And now just the other day, Trinity fell and hit hers on the coffee table (and busted her lip and had to have stitches! though its all better now, healed fast)I just noticed the other day that her tooth she hit is turning grayish purple, which means the same things happening that happened to Will.

SOooo.... 3 out of 5 of mine arent doing the normal tooth loss routine, I hope the other 2 dont follow in their older siblings footsteps!

char said...

Wow! Guess I never realized Heaven's teeth have not grown in the whole time I've known her!?! Well, at least I am not alone in this one. I guess really when it comes to kids there is no such thing as normal!

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